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Cybertronic Solutions is looking for some 2D artists and an animator to work on our next game.

Cybertronics is an established company ( with a game development division that is quickly growing and we need some artists for a specialty project.

Unfortunately I cannot give out specific details on the design of the game on a public forum, much to everyone's dismay, but more information will be provided for interested applicants in a private setting before any decision will have to be made by you.

What I can tell you is that it will be a 2D game and will be in a fun, cartoony style. This is not an upfront paid job, but you will get a share of revenue from the game, as well as opportunities to join on other games that Cybertronics makes, as well as a resume boost.

What we need from you:

- Ability to work with a cartoony style OR the ability to animate in 2D for a GameMaker game.
- Ability to create art and animate is a plus.
- Must be able to at least type in english.
- Must provide samples of your work.
- Must be able to put in at least 5 hours of work a week into the project.

To Apply

Interested parties should send an email to

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