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Videos: This video is before we moved over to Unity, but should give an indication of animations, etc.

About us:

Northern Dawn Studios is comprised of two people, Weebl (3D artist) and Viktor ( programmer), both of us have 5+ years of experience in our respective fields. We started development of Crystal Kin about 2 years ago, but within the last 9 months we have started to step up development of it considerably.  
Why Unity? Previously we used a custom built engine using Java, but after 9 months of implementing improvements to it we felt it would be more time efficient to switch to Unity, as it already includes more complex particle systems, advanced animation features, and advanced shaders.

What we’re looking for:

• A well-rounded programmer, who is experienced in C# and Unity3D.
• Ideally someone who can spend 14+ hours a week on the project.
• Someone who loves strategy and exploration games.
• Able to communicate through skype regularly.

What we’re offering:

This project is Rev-Share based, with a clear cut contract on what you will get. We already have a LTD company set up, with a lawyer for contracts and an account for the money side of things. The contracts are based on the amount of work put in, the more you put in the more you get out, including company stock. Currently we (Weebl and Viktor) get no rev-share, instead we get dividend payments from the company once all other contract, licence and etc. payments have been fulfilled. We are in this for the long term, our goal is to create an awesome games company that can eventually sustain us full time.

Our plans for moving forward:

Currently we are in the process of transitioning over to Unity. Our plan is to have a playable demo of Crystal Kin in Unity by November/December. From there on, depending on how well PR has gone and how close we are to Alpha (We will not Kickstarter until the alpha is at least within 3 months) we will aim for a Kickstarter. If the Kickstarter fails we will aim for support from the Nordic games program in April next year. If that also fails then we will just continue to create the game in our free time as we have been doing and aim for release on steam.


Email or check out our website or Twitter for more information.

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