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I plan a post-apocalyptic RPG (no zombies, something completely new) with eventually strategy element (focus on RPG).

I do not want to give too many details out without a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as I believe it is a really innovation in our today's gaming world.
I also have already the game elements and Story together, but need someone who can make concept art of characters and environment such as buildings & areas. Also eventually help working on the logo too.
The perfect fit would be someone who can assist me and the other story writers of the project to visualize the ideas we have AND to base of course the later in-game graphics on.
This is a huge project for an Indie Developer like me and though that it is an unpaid job, upon release we could talk about a budget or profit which could eventually made with an art book release. But for the start it would be unpaid work.

- English
- at least weekly contact via E-Mail
- 100% Trust, cooperation and teamwork

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