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Digital Pulse Interactive is an (international) online indie development studio.

We are creating our first experience: a tactical 3rd person action-stealth game, set in a postmodern world. In addition to our innovative gameplay, we are taking story seriously, making a deep and rich world with three-dimensional characters.

We will be working in CryEngine3, our quality standards are high, and while we are professional with our work, we do encourage a casual and fun working environment.

We are looking for a capable digital artist, familiar with modern tactical gear, fashion, and ideally some experience with postmodern or science fiction settings.

Prerequisites for application acceptance:
- Able to contribute 8 hours a week (minimum)
- Skype account
- Portfolio, or equivalent
- 18+ (Or have an outstanding portfolio)

If we decide to consider your application, you will be interviewed via Skype (video chat is optional). If you have a portfolio or anything else that showcases your capabilities, please have it ready.

To Apply

Please add us on Skype at DigitalPulseProductions. Alternatively, you can email us at

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