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EdTechnika is looking for a concept artist to work on an exciting new learning game for iPhone + iPad. We are toying with a style similar to Tiny Wings - cartoony but with character and with a sci-fi twist. There’s not much else we can say to the world right now but will fill you in on the details once you contact us.

We’re looking for a Concept Artist and Asset Artist.
You'll need to be able to create high quality work and within a specified window of time.

We’re interested in people who can do all of the following:
*Sacrifice a few hours a week (ideally 6-8 hours) on the project.
*Have a spot for working remotely (we're located in Austin, Texas but we're tight on space) with access to Skype, Dropbox, etc.
*Feel comfortable bringing new ideas forward!
*Showcase talent. We don’t require professional experience, but it’s always worth mentioning any indie games or other projects you’ve worked on. We're looking more for talent than experience, that's for sure.

*This is currently an unpaid job, but if we have our way, it won’t be for long!
*We're offering a royalty on every copy of our game sold and every in-app purchase bought. We want you to be a part of the game, not just a freelancer doing some work for us.

Please send a formal application or any questions to with a brief introduction, any examples of past work with links, and a resume if available.

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