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Programmers located UK, USA.

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My name is Justin and I am the Project lead for INT. You can read more about our website here: In sum, we are building a Sci-Fi RPG with space western and roguelike elements. Additionally, we are using unity to build the game and it will be a fully 3D modeled game.

We have an additional post regarding 3D modelers and it is a running application. This is meant to be a running application as well for coders and programmers.

Currently, we would like to find several coders to assist with development. We are looking for you to be skilled in designing systems crucial for the game, testing said systems, and open to changing design based on feedback. Design docs for the systems that need implementation will be provided for you. You will be asked to complete a code test before entering the project so we can gauge your skill level upon application submission.

Preferred Qualifications

Required: ability to code in C#
Required: Knowledge of Unity
Required: Ability to work as a team, open to changes and feedback.
Required: 10 hour weekly commitment, ability to post a daily progress report on Trello.

Necessary Agreements before Acceptance

Preferred: Help promote our Social Media pages (all members of our team are being asked to do this)

Preferred: Participation in weekly meetings and sub-team meetings,

Preferred: Forum Use

Required: Sign the NDA

Lastly, I would like it to be stated that we are a collaboration effort and a profit sharing enterprise. Game sales and funds raised will be split with the team after the company acquires enough to pay for licensing and software.


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