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Hey what is up,
I'm Tristan and I've recently picked up an old game called Epic Sathe.
I have some character sprite sheets done and already have the music and sounds.
The name of the company is TristanGames, because it was just me and I wasn't too creative with names, but so far nobody wanted to change it to something else. I am open to suggestions on other company names though.

I'm looking for someone who knows how to code the game. I want it to be playable in browser, but I'll live with whatever you can do.

I'm looking for anyone who has the skills to help on this 2D fighting game. You will need to be able to animate sprite sheets, add audio to the correct place, and be willing to work.
I don't care when you're able to work, you can work on your own time whenever you feel like it. But you can't be to lazy, I would love it if you would be able to get work done by a deadline if needed.

About Epic Sathe

Epic Sathe is a 2D fighter game where you just keep on fighting each wave until you die. You can pick up power ups which will boost your strength and jumping/dodging for little bit.

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