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We are a small indie studio called PolyDigtal. We operate remotely and have members based in England, Sweden, and Germany. Our game, The Facility, has been greenlit on Steam and we're hoping to release act one for early access in August.

We're currently looking for a character modeller.
Must have experience with character rigging and the Unreal 4 engine. Previous experience in the industry preferred, but not necessary. All that really matters is that you can create professional standard character models that will fuse seamlessly with our style.
The script, level design, assets and concept art are near completion. A marketing schedule is in place and ready to implement when we have the updated promo videos, artwork, screenshots and press release. Getting the character models is the last hurdle before we can move forward!

We are currently applying for funding via arts grants in Sweden and the UK (it's looking promising!), and over 5,000 people on Steam have already added the game to their wishlist. Paying freelancers will be the first expense (it will be clearly stated in the contract).
Send your portfolio to;
Please quote your price and whether or not you'd be happy to receive a deferred payment.


You are an Antique's dealer, commissioned by a mysterious benefactor to locate and authenticate a priceless painting that vanished during World War II – Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man. Your journey takes you to an abandoned flak tower in Southern Germany. As you explore the strange facility, you become acutely aware of a foreboding presence lurking in the darkness. You soon discover the secret behind the missing plunder and the real reason why nobody has been back to claim their keep.

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