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Posted by on Sep 12th, 2013

Hello to all programmers,

We are currently seeking a programmer to help with the development of our current project Kraden's Crypt. At the moment we are a team of three, two artists/level designers and one programmer.

About the game:

Kraden's Crypt is a 2D rogue-like dungeon crawler with both single player and multiplayer integration. The game's unique identity is given by having a unique style of physics based combat, which can facilitate for a wide variety of game-play mechanics. Currently we have a website which explains everything about the game including video files showing the proposed game mechanics.

The following tools we are currently using are:

Game Engine: MonoGame (C#)
Physics Engine: Farseer
Animation: Spine
Networking: Lidgren

We have already made headway and produced a foundation for the game. There are available prototypes for any interested applicants.

Some of the tasks you will likely take part in are:

- integrating the Spine animation system
- working on the Entity based game play logic
- client-server multiplayer
- master game server with logins, friends list, and player matching
- building the menu
- working on the in house dungeon editor
- integrating music and sound
- helping to port to other systems
- working on the game pad control scheme
- contributing to the game design as a member of the team

This project is profit-share and the applicant will be desired to work on the game on a full time basis if possible. Unfortunately no salary can be offered, but we can offer you a place among a friendly motivated and dedicated team who are serious about becoming full time indie game developers, and of course a fair cut for your time and effort.

If you think you fall into these categories and are looking for a project with passionate team members who want to make a great game independently, then please contact us at:

Thank you for your time,
Peter Foster.

To Apply

Send a resume and any examples of your previous work to

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