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Location: Anywhere. Australia Preferred - Looking for: Programmers

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Unpaid, subject to change
Are you code smart, good at managing large quantities of brilliantly panned code? Vagyr is working on a game engine specially built for the Starlight world.

Looking for talented programmers preferable with experience:
OpenGL Deferred Rendering, Optimization, Shaders,
SSE/SSE2 Math Libraries
Networking (RakNet API)
Double Precision Co-ordinates

Collaborate with the programming team to develop a module based game engine for the Sirius Sector project.
Produce quality code with documentation in module form.
Understanding of the specifications of your assigned module(s) and completing tasks on time.

Required Software:
Visual Studio 2010/2012 Required.
Git Software, recommended Git Extensions for Visual Studio

Required Skills:
Understanding of the assigned module(s) and ability to plan and document quality code.
Good communication through teamwork, planning and documentation.
Ability to take initiative for the team.
Understanding of common game content pipelines and principles.

Useful Skills:
Programming in OpenGL [OpenGL 3.0]
Programming with the Autodesk FBX Sdk.
Programming with SSE/SSE2 and Code Optimization
Excelent code documentation [Source Files could become Open Source]
Programming GLSL or equivalent shaders such as CG.
Cross platform development between Windows and Linux.

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Skype: AussieBacom

Anywhere. Australia Preferred
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