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Location: Anywhere; Los Angeles, CA - Looking for: Programmers

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A dual-narrative FPS experience set in the Korean War. Powered by Cryengine 3. Seeking C++ programmers.

Project details here, on the Crydev forums:

"[...] Unforgotten, a first person shooter experience taking place in the Korean War (1950-1953). Players fight the war from the perspectives of two soldiers - a South Korean infantryman troubled by the idea of fighting against his countrymen and an American soldier who finds himself defending a country he never knew and a people he’d never met.

The aim is to make a highly-polished ~30 minute "vertical slice" with high quality assets and impeccable presentation values. We have several unique, defining mechanics - such as Tension-Adrenaline and Active Melee - in store so that we can stand out from run-of-the-mill FPS experiences. In addition, the goal is to eventually make Unforgotten about more than just the game... but more details on that later."

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Anywhere; Los Angeles, CA
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