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At 4:8 Games were a game studio that focuses on Wholesome games in general (read Philippians 4:8). As such we avoid anything extremely dark, demonic, bloody or gory. My focus is on creating unique original game ideas for multiple platforms (IOS, Android, PC, Xbox and Playstation) that the whole family can enjoy. We are currently working on a top down 2d racing game design. Our top down racing game features fun and challenging levels a unique art style, plenty of bonus material and 3 modes of gameplay. It will be our first game and we hope it will help get our company on the indie gaming map.

Game Title: Paper Car

Target platform: Playstation, Xbox and Mobile

Target Audience: 8 and up

the games perspective will be a topdown 2D racing game
I am currently looking for a programmer who is skilled in Unity and coding in the C# programming language.
The position, at this time is a volunteer basis only!
I am willing to write up a contract to back pay any logged hours the volunteer spends on the game and share ten percent of any revenue from game sales.
this of course can be negotiable if these terms are not satisfactory.

at the moment there is a music composer working on the game with me. We keep in contact periodically through email usually sending updates and exchanging ideas and information every week or every other week.

As a programmer you will be expected to have/purchased the latest version of Unity. We will keep in contact via email, Skype or phone which ever is your preference.

To apply for this position or if you have any other questions for me you can email me at Please send your resume and or your information, work background and specific skill set in the email.

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Send Resume to four8games@gmail

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