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Hypovolemia is a total conversion mod for Source Engine on the Alien Swarm SDK.

Our intent for HYP is to have very intense, ultra-violent, and competitive game play. In our opinion the top down shooter genre has been saturated with many bad games. Our goal is to raise the bar, by creating a top down shooter on the source engine which brings top down shooting the Half-Life standard.

You will need Visual Studio 2013* ( Newer version do not compile our game )

Pazer is our head programmer and you will be working along side with him in completing our latest version of this exciting mod!

We have already been steam green lit, so our next release will be on steam!

Find out why so many people cannot stop smiling and laughing while playing our game. It has the opposite effect of Counter-Strike, where players are plagued with chronic raging! This is intended BY DESIGN.
The craving for brutality that HYPOVOLEMIA provides is unquenchable, become part of this amazing project now!

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