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Hello! We are Revelations Studios, an independent video game development studio that specializes in crafting journeys and adventures that puts choice into the player’s hands and immerses them into new worlds. Our team is composed of a group of dedicated staff members, each a specialist in their own field and passionate about making our visions become a reality.

We are currently hard at work on Beyond Equilibrium, a science-fiction first-person survival horror set in space. The game is scheduled to launch for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in episodic chunks. We are well on our way to meeting our deadline but we need a little help.

There are still a few positions that we’re looking to fill on the team. If your dream is to one day be credited as a game developer and you want to work with a group as talented as they are passionate, then we want to hear from you! But we can’t take everyone, so here are a few requirements:

General Requirements:
• Working knowledge of Unity. We apologize if you’re a programming wiz in something else, but we use Unity so we ask that you do the same.
• Dedication to putting in work. At Revelations Studios we love to play, but we’re serious about making Beyond Equilibrium become a reality. You should be too.
• Must be okay with little to no funding. Most of the Revelations Studios team members are creating Beyond Equilibrium in their free time. We won’t expect you to pay for anything but don’t try to join us if you’re just in it for the money. If there’s any monetary compensation, it will be off royalties from the game’s sale.

Below are the specific requirements for each of the positions we are hiring for. Please go to our main website’s career page (!careers/sr6pw) to apply.

Texture Artist Requirements:
• Working knowledge of baking and texturing models
• Working ability to use Blender and/or Maya
• Working understanding of particle effects and decals
• Understanding of texturing and UV unwarping is man

To Apply

Please email a copy of your resume and portfolio to or go to our website

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