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Location: London - Looking for: Web/Other

Posted by on Nov 29th, 2013

TacticalGearOps is looking for a Magento Commerce expert to oversee all ecommerce strategies and web development within the organization.

Main responsibilities will include:

1. Front-end Magento Development
2. Back-end Magento Development

Skills required:

1. Magento (Community and/or Enterprise Edition)
3. CSS
4. JavaScript
5. MySQL
6. Apache
7. PHP
8. Zend

Beneficial skills for the role include:

1. Knowledge of WordPress
Front end development using PHP, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript
• Custom Magento modules using object oriented PHP and Magento API’s
• Continual improvement of our website, creating aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning, fast-loading and easy to use eCommerce site
• Ongoing website maintenance and troubleshooting, cross-browser testing and implementation

TacticalGearOps is an equal opportunity employer. The individual should have an solid understanding of the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens. A thorough understanding of firearms and ammunition, tactical gear and more. Knowledge of products such as 9mm ammo, holsters, and gun values. For further information and to submit your resume, please do so through this site or online at

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