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Hi there! Me and a group of hard working individuals are working on a multiplayer survival game called Noxious and we are enlisting programmers, artists, animators, etc. This particular post is for artists/animators but if you can program you can still join as we are also looking for that! If you have skills in multiple areas in making games than that is even better! First, let me explain what Noxious is about.

We are still talking about concepts and such and really figuring out what Noxious IS in essence, and we have narrowed it down to an idea we so far like. The setting of the game will most likely be post-war world war 2, or world war one, and possibly the cold war, but we're still choosing. Our goal for the game is to deliver an immersive, tense surival game that really focuses on Player vs. Environment (in which case there will be many environments and harsh conditions), so that the player will have to use their creativity to craft many things that will help them cope. Along with this is the fact that there are others on the island that the game will take place on. Several "hard-points" will be in the game that will serve as points where players will go to search for supplies (these places being bunkers, houses, etc.) and where tensions will be high. Along with the survival game will be a sort of optional storyline (probably several) that explain why you are on the island that will be explained through different notes and such. If you would like to learn more, go to our trello where we organize all of our ideas:

We also have a steam greenlight concept page just called Noxious you can look up, and for quicker response, just send a friend request to one of the developers on Steam if you have steam (I don't see why you wouldn't have a steam account) and make a comment on the concept page saying you would like to join. We also have a blog, but it isn't fully operational yet, and is still being edited but the link is here just for future reference:

Thanks for reading all the way through and I can't wait to meet some new people and have fun with making this game :D

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