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Posted by JasonWieczorek on

I am an indie game developer and am seeking a 2D artist to work on a very simple mobile game. The amount of work can probably be finished within a week or two. Most of the core programming is complete and the game is intended for Android devices first but will also have the option for IOS as its being developed with a cross platform tool (assuming it makes any profit to pay for the expensive IOS licensing). This project would be a nice little side project for anyone looking to expand their portfolio or just work on a game for fun. If the game does make any money the artist will certainly be entitled to royalties. This can be considered a "casual" project as there are no hard timelines for deliverables, but I am seeking only motivated candidates.

Game Description:
- A simple side scrolling action game similar to "Flappy Bird"

- Able to create concept art
- Need to be able to create spritesheets
- Experience designing Menu screens, GUI, etc.
- Able to create graphics as vector art
- must have android phone to access the alpha version

To Apply

Send an email to If you have any portfolio work I can have a look at that would be a plus.

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