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Skyline Interactive is a small team that likes to play around with code and put stuff together, Each of us has our own skill set. However what most of us lack, is artistry!

What are we looking for?
Someone who is pretty good with animation.

What type of Animation?
It will be 2D Frame by Frame animation for sprites, scenery, etc.

What's Frame by Frame?
Frame by Frame means you take about 12 or so frames on a certain sized image and use those 12 frames to build your animation.

What will I be doing as an Animator?
The animator will be working with us for the game "State of Grey", which you can find here:

You see some of the 2D design in our trailer for our game here:

The work load can be much so if you do have any type of limitations let us know we are happy to work with you.

>Free Time
>Ability to work with a friendly a fun going team
>Internet and a Computer
>Some kind of image editing software to make your animations
>Ability to work with 2D design
>Ability to make animations flow

Optional but Strongly recommended:
>Examples of your previous work
>A strong background

If you have any questions at all again, feel free to ask us, send me or bee a personal email at or !

To Apply

Apply at our site here under the "Animator" selection:
Or send us an email at: with your resume, previous work, questions, etc.

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