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What we are looking for.

We are currently looking for people to dedicate any of their free time they have to help us make our passion project Epicedium, We are currently a small team of 2 who have day jobs and commit as much time as we can a day to make this game. we communicate daily through discord to discuss different aspects of the game, From game mechanics to programming and design, so having a mic is a must have.

We are currently looking for a animator to work on the project to create high detail animations for the games Characters

Animators skills needed:

Be able to animate in their software of choice high detail animations.
Be able to Rig and Skin meshes.
Basic Knowledge in Unity 5 animation and animator.
Be able to work with other departments to make their work as optimised and efficient as possible in engine.


If you feel you’re the right person or know someone who is for one of the listed roles and would love to dedicate any free time you have to help this passion project , Click the contact us button and hit us an email with your name and the role you want to apply for, a portfolio or screenshots of some of your previous work are recommended but are not needed.

For Applying Contact with:

if you have any questions contact us on :

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