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Hey guys, gotta another job opportunity for ya, so this ad is probably going to mirror the other one currently up. But this time, we need the animators. You see, we're close to getting a small little tech demo done for our player mechanics and we need some sweet animators to make it look fluid.

- Show a sound understanding of animation principles
- 3D Game Character Animation experience
- Technically competent
- Ability to Rig 3D Characters
- Sense of Humor

Desired Skills:
- Game Production experience
- Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 or UDK
- 3D Modeling & Texturing
- 2D Animation experience
- FX Animation experience
- Strong Traditional Art abilities

Perks of working with us:
- We're awesome
- Awesome management
- Access to UE4 if job requires it
- Royalty contracts with room to grow.
- Free fun
- Free coffee
- Free cookie if you do the thing
- Free access to cons like E3 and Comic Con (must be actively working on the project to land this)
- Did we mention fun, awesome, and a cookie?

If you think you can help us in any other way, visit our page for other openings

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So instead of sitting there all glum, why don't you join our awesome team? Send us an e-mail at to start working on an awesome game. OH and for a cookie for the thing.

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