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We are in need of modelers. Generally we also welcome modelers that are currently learning their proffesion, as long as we have few skilled ones, but thats on my shoulders to make it work.

Short Description & other info:

Isometric 3rd Person post-apocalyptic M(Maybe Massive in the end, at beggining aim is for one/few houndred players)MORPG, fallout & mature themed, pc high compatibility.


Post-Apocaliptic Europe, devastasted by nuclear bombs and fallout (World is influenced by mad max series and fallout first 2 games, yet hopefully own style can emerge). Sent back into medieval or even stone-age at some points. Life of the inhabitants is poor, lack of food, water and other basic life elements. Radiation, deseases have taken many to the other world, or deformed. People that remain are often desperate to get basic needs, but danger can lurk around any corner. Diffrent groups have formed naturally to increase their life quality at the cost of the poor, raging fights with eachother over resources that remain, either with stones, lasers or diplomacy. Some groups are more orginized then others, and use towns protection money as their main income instead of raiding and looting. Some even are towns themselves that managed to raise walls against the raiders.

Things that i require of you as a person. The bridge keeper: "If you have at least one of those you can pass!".
- Honesty
- Creativity
- Open-minded (See diffrent ways of completing things)
- Not "hot-headed" (Rage quitting)
Well, as you might notice, all those can fit everyone and yet nobody, therefor instead see those more as points which i believe is important that every individual in the team thinks about in order to create a good and creative atmosphere.

Team targets. What this project will offer you.
- Creative Atmosphere (Ideas flying from all directions)
- Good & Fun Atmosphere (Mutual respect)
- One goal of all individuals within the group (Making a damn good game!)
- Individualism within the group (Diffrent opinions on same game aspect which can lead to improving player options ingame)
- Working to the end (Until the project is finished)
- Personal progress in skills (Learning new stuff)
- Individual freedom (I value this strongly myself, therefor it is something you can expect)
Well, most importantly, fun.

Please send in examples of your work with your resume!

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