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We are looking for experienced 3D modellers/artists who can preferably also work with Unreal Engine 4.

Dagaz: The Night was DarkTM is a a sidescroller 2.5D Single Player game set in a Medieval Horror setting, featuring some mechanics from a typical beat ‘em up fighting game. It will be available for PS4 and PC.

Game Concept

The player controls James, a simple woodsman who has retreated from his homeland by an army of blood soldiers led by Herknungr - The Warrior King.

The game is set in medieval times, in a distant land called “The Great North”, a Confederation of Four different Nations. James is put into a path that will eventually have the world depend on his hands, making him go against various enemies and bosses, something he did not ask for.

The game and its lore has a diverse array of content: Four Cities with their own respective enemies, architecture, NPCs, and cultures. The player will explore these lands, solve quests, defeat terrifying bosses, and uncover their mysteries in the process.

Help save this world from the Blood of Hawthorn, a malevolent being that has infected thousands of people, forcing them to do his will, turning brothers against sisters, fathers against sons - man against man. Make this chaotic mess of blood and gore find peace once more.

What will be in the game?

- Enemy Variety, anything from giants to several different classes of soldiers;
⁃ NPCs with voice actors;
⁃ Awesome bossfights against rulers and special enemies of each city, who are infected with the Blood of Hawthorn;
⁃ Epic soundtrack with singers and various orchestra instruments to create a deep lovecraftian horror-driven feel to a world going mad;
⁃ Stunning environments, having a sense of horror and gore, making the player feel unsafe;
⁃ Well-written lore, carefully-crafted and filled with morals and lessons to teach players;
⁃ Graphics/Textures: 2.5D, gritty and dark, with a mixture of low-poly characters and high-poly environments. Not realistic, but interesting in its own way;

What will be your tasks?

⁃ You will work in a friendly and reliable team, doing 3D modelling/animation such as:
-Make low poly 3D props and characters.
-Create detailed animation for the characters.
-Make high poly scenery.

How far is the development?

⁃ We are finally ready to leave concept stage after a few months of planning, writing Game Design Documents and Business Plans, and head straight into prototype stage. In this new stage, we will be creating a demo to test the overall game design such as mechanics, animations, and much more - But we need your help!

What about Deadlines?

⁃ Our planned release date is 2021, so we want to have everything finished in 2020 so we can have one more year to advertise, prepare marketing, and fix issues and bugs, whichever they may be. Deadlines will be fair to ensure a relaxed working atmosphere. 3D modelling and animation is somewhat tough, so we want to provide whatever comfort and support you will need.

⁃ After the demo is done we plan to continue with the production, also planning to win at events such as Unreal Dev Grants and Playstation Awards to help finish the full version of the game. If the game is successful, revenue will be shared with all those that helped achieve this.

The team?
⁃ Currently we are three - A programmer, a game artist, and a sound designer.
⁃ Despite our numbers, we work hard and passionately every day, and considering this is our first game we are making, we plan on doing it right - But we need your help!

To Apply

⁃ Adults only
⁃ High experience with Maya, Blender, or other 3D program;
⁃ Experience with UE4
⁃ Dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the project
⁃ Good English skills
⁃ Being a Teamplayer and communicative
⁃ High reliability

If you are interested in joining us then just send us an e-mail with a resume to:

We look forward to your application!

Bygone King

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