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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Audio/Music

Posted by on Jan 30th, 2012

I am primarily an ambient music artist (but I do make a wide range of electronic music). My current hardware/software is a Korg Microstation, various iOS-based professional synths (iMS-20, nLog Synth Pro, Moog's Animoog, etc) and Audacity. I also will use various obscure methods for creating sounds, such as recording the sounds out in public and playing with them and that.

Some examples:

As I do not have a label at the moment, all of the music I release for download/purchase is released on my site,

As I said before, I specialize in ambient music, with and without melody. I am most interested in licensing out existing music (whether or not it's been released yet is not an issue), but I am open to requests if more specific tracks are needed.

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