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Ascendence Studios is looking to expand it's team, below is some info on our current project, WOGD.

|Link| WOGD IndieDB Page

Wrath of the Goliaths : Dinosaurs has been in progress for 2 years now, it was re-booted in January of 2014 and again in January 2015 in Unreal Engine 4. We have many dinosaurs ready, a character and weapons finished. We are a friendly team and are very willing to make agreements and fulfill them. At the moment, this isn't a paid position. The reason being is we haven't set up a type of crowdfunding yet.

Wrath Of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs or WOGD, is a dinosaur hunting simulator, set in a 'futuristic' time, and you play as a hunting who will be hunting dinosaurs. The game is very similar to the game series Carnivores, where you hunt dinosaurs. The game will feature many huntable dinosaurs, and the goal of the game is less about hunting, but more of experiencing what it would be like to walk an environment full of dinosaurs and many more creatures. There will be an observer mode, where you can experience the dinosaurs battle, walk around and watch them behave like actual animals.

You will be in the comfort of your own home, become a moderator for the Facebook Page, and skype with the team if you'd like.

Requirement for position:

Must meet deadlines
Behave reasonably
No plagiarism
No stealing
No withholding information
Keep things legal
No tampering with the project that makes the progress or project slow down, halt or degrade the quality of work


Must be able to use Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4 and or know C++
Able to program random events
Able to work with animation blueprints (Blending animations, transforming, etc)

Also accepting other areas of programming.

~End of requirements

Art of the game:

Carnotaurus Reveal Teaser:

Geosternbergia Gameplay Trailer:

Eaphosaurus High-Res:


Dimetrodon Swimming High-Res:


UtahRaptor High-res:


Facebook: facebookicoAscendence Studios

Website: Ascendence Studios
Forum: Forum

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