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So, I just beat Republic Commando 2 on the 28th of March, and I hated the ending. 6 years later, they still haven't made a second game, haven't talked about it, so I will. If I get in trouble for copy right and stuff like that, then I will alternate what I do. I am calling the game "Star Wars: Republic Commando 2: The Operation", resuming from the invasion where is just cut off from the last game.

I need voice actors for 38, 07, The Adviser, and republic clones.
I already have 3 mappers, when one finishes a level he emails it to another, the other makes his own modifications, and that happens until they have all made their own changes, when it is sent to me, where I change things to fit the storyline the best.
I need someone to place audio logs in the game, like, for example, when 38 (who you play as) headshots a hostile NPC, 62 (I'm his voice actor) says something like "Nice shot, lead!"
If I can get someone to make NPC's for battles in or just under the skybox, I will appreciate it.
I may or may not need someone to make view models for our blasters. We have the world model, and one of my main guys is working on the view model, but honestly, nobody knows what they're doing with that.

I am writing my own story. The story that I'm writing is continuing the last game. I have never read any of the books.

This is not a paid job, we're not funded, we've received no donations, but it is also not a push over. We may not be a Black Mesa Source, but we're at LEAST going to be an Opposing Force 2.

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