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It would be really great to have a helping hand for the modelling in my mod Seven Golden Cities. I'm afraid I can't offer payment, though you will be heavily credited for your work.

A very useful skill would be being able to model buildings (I'm not so good at buildings, I'm more into weapons and props). It's a very varied mod, so the buildings range from roundhouses to buildings made of sand, Roman baths, castles and European style cottages.

Another useful skill would be texturing. I'm relatively good at texturework but it is very time-consuming and sometimes it's just good to be able to split the work.

There's no minimum of experience, so long as you are confident and want to help. Our work ethic is lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself. If you join, you have offered to help us, but this does not mean we have any right to deadline anything or pressure you. Your own rhythm and your own terms.

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