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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Jul 13th, 2013


We're looking to take on a few people to join Middle of Nowhere's development team, a survival horror game as seen here -

As it stands, these positions will have to be free because we've spent a lot of our own money into the game development already.

However, whoever does join the development team will get featured in the team on our website with whatever they want to say about themselves and the game. -

We need people who are as dedicated to their craft as we are. We are working day and night on this game and we'll expect the same dedication from anybody who wants to be a part of the team. The game won't be a small project, we are looking to make this game big, one that everyone knows about.

If you think your interested in any of the positions in the title, feel free to contact us with examples of your work!


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