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We are a small game studio right now with a couple of projects in mind that we would like to develop with your help.

We are looking for a 3D Modeler for our upcoming game which is going to be a physiological horror game unlike any other. The game is based around a guy who lives with his family in an average town house. As the game progress you discover a hidden power which you will be using throughout the game to reach your goals.

We are trying not to disclose to much information about project in this job advertise. We will tell you what you need to know if you get accepted as a 3D Modeler.

The engine we will be using for this game is the Unreal Engine 4 and currently we only have plans to release the game on the PC.

If you want to apply there are certain criteria that you will need to meet before we can accept you into our company.

* You must have at least a year worth of experience in 3D Modeling
* You must provide use with a demo reel or some example of your work
* You must know how to work well within a group
* You must provide us with your contact info so we can contact you

After the game has been developed you will be paid according to the amount of contribution you have made to the project.

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