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PREEMINENCE online is an indie game project sup space is currently working on.
To further strengthen our global team we now require an additional 3D Artist with a skillset as close to the one described below as possible.

Required Skills:

- Sculpting (3D Coat, ZBrush etc)

- HS Modeling (Maya/3Ds Max/XSI/Blender etc)

- Unwrapping (UV Layouts don't make themselves and NO, pushing the "unwrap" button of an automated tool generally doesn't cut it!)

Nice to have:

- Experience with CryENGINE (That's our target platform)

- 2D Artsiness (Think concepts, textures and paint-jobs)

- A fascination for Science Fiction and the technologies therein

- Rigging/Skinning/Animating skills (Might speed up things in the pipeline)

sup space is offering a piece of the pie ( and the pie is no lie! ) for everyone contributing to PREEMINENCE online's commercial success, however, given the distributed nature of the project group and the current lack of substantial funding we cannot compensate you right off the bat. To clarify this explicitly: We are NOT looking for subcontractors, outsourcing companies or any other people who may only be in for the money. This is not to say that we are not at all in for the money ourselves, it's just not the sole reason we got.

Looking forward to seeing some interesting applications!

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