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Posted by on Jan 3rd, 2014

Anvil Drop is looking for an experienced 3D Modeler with animation and rigging skills. You can learn more about our project on the game page of our website found here: Do you want an opportunity to work in Epic's nextgen engine? Are you willing to sign NDA's? Then keep reading!


The artist/s’ role will be to work directly with our Creative Director & our Producer to head up the art department for our team. We need artist/s that is competent in modeling hard surface objects for props, architecture design & environmental details as well interiors too.
The perfect candidate is an artist that not only has 3D modeling skills but can also rig and animate our player character. The current player character requires some small modeling changes, but the bulk of the work is in the area of rigging and animating.

• Maya experience exporting to a Unreal Technology Engine.
• Ability to model low topology mesh with high resolution maps baked for textures, and UV workflow.
• Dedication to a project.

• Able to meet deadlines

• Communicate effectively and on time replies to project members.
• Experience with rigging/animation
• Game engine experience UE3 or UDK

Interested parties should contact Paul.
Skype: Paul.Winegardner

To Apply

Send resume and/ or reel/ portfolio website link to

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