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We're a small group of people working towards a point and click adventure in Unity. The game is an alternate history title set in a very different Victorian London in 1886, where a mini-state the Greenwich Freakshow occupies the east end. Mad scientists and inventors roam through tunnels far beneath the streets and the dead are no longer guaranteed their eternal rest.

It's an ambitious project but we've got a dedicated little team who really want to make something good. We're aiming to build a standalone Demo for release in June, it's already written and work is well underway building environments and our programming becomes more complete by the day!

We've got a great team like I've said but we now really need a good character artist, preferably with some knowledge of rigging and implementation into Unity but if you're just a good solid character modeller I'd still like to hear from you.

We can't offer anything in the way of payment at this time, but as soon as we've got the prologue/demo together we're going to look to funding options. At that point if any money comes our way we'll make sure that anybody who works on the project will be paid for their work.

We really feel that the Freakshow universe can be something big and we're all very passionate about point and click games, with focus on story and characters.

If you're looking to apply for the role or just to ask more questions then shoot me an email at the address below.



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