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Brief Introduction

My name is Daniel Butler, I am the lead developer and a programmer on a very exciting multiplayer survival horror project which is for now called 'Project Beast'.

Development has been going on for about a month by a dedicated and driven team of around five and we are looking for artists with real creative flare who can put their creative talents towards our project.

What will you be doing within the team?

Art assets are going to be very important within this project as they will contribute towards the sense of hostility within the game world. You will be in charge of developing...

  • Static Props.
  • Physics Objects.
  • Buildings and Props for game worlds.
  • Player objects (Flashlights, Keys etc).

It would also be useful although not required if you possessed talents in...

  • Character Modelling.
  • Rigging and Animation.

Our ethics

I created HyperBIT Entertainment with the vision that all people working on the projects would be treated as equals. That is why all members will receive equal credit and recognition, access to the developer forums, huge creative input and shares of profits as the project will be commercial!

Final Words

We really hope you will consider joining HyperBIT Entertainment. Project Beast is an exciting opportunity for you to develop your portfolio, meet new like minded passionate people and make something you can really be proud off!

To Apply

Our current domain is down for maintenance so please for now send all emails and inquires to

Hope to hear from you soon!

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