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Venturous Games® is a new indie MMORPG Development company, currently about to begin the development of our Free 'Online Role Playing Game'.

We are in the process of searching for various developers of different talents and interests. As of current we are unable to pay a wage, and payment will be limited to work experience until further notice.

We do not currently require any special skill sets for World Building, just persons with Creativity, Ambition and Competence. Elements such as Particle Effects, and textures will be provided and extended upon request.

3D Artists, on the other hand, are required to have some experience with Blender or 3DS Max to fit properly into our Art Pipeline. Please include some example pictures attached to the email.

Please email us if you require more information, if you are accepted you may be eligible for a permanent position, depending on the direction development will go.

If you are interested in working for Venturous Games®
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If you are interested in working for Venturous Games®
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