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TLDR: Looking to hire a programmer for a narrative-driven 2D point and click game with environmental puzzles and offline ARG gaming elements. Think Kentucky Route Zero meets Grim Fandango in terms of gameplay (not story). This is my first game, and I’m self-producing it. I’m a grad student, and can only afford to pay a $1000 stipend + 5% of profit shares. If we exceed our kickstarter goal, your payment will increase. I can definitely pay you $1000 regardless of crowdfunding success. Please submit your resume and a portfolio of previous work to

You can watch a trailer for the game and learn more about it here:

Requirements for Applying:
- Must be able to code game for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. You have done this before, or can definitely do this. No learning curves.
- Self-motivated. You’ll have a checklist and GDD to go off of, as well as weekly meetings, but I can’t constantly assign tasks and check on your progress in order for work to get done.
- Can dedicate a minimum of 8 hours/week (though the more you can dedicate, the more attractive your resume!)
- Available for a weekly skype meeting
-Must use Unity engine
- Preferably you have a Github account

The code I need is pretty basic – what you would expect for a point-and-click game
I need scripts that:
-pull up the HUD
- switch between backgrounds by pressing “Shift key”
- flipping through the faces of a lock with letters A-Z
- if there are two-three images, you can put them together to create basic animation (as in the flicker of a soda machine that has assets of different colors)
- clicking on a door opens a new background
- interact with objects
-combine objects
- text dialogue tree options
- play music by clicking on this object
- put items in inventory
- trigger cutscenes
- solve a puzzle by giving object to someone, etc.
-I’m sure there’s stuff I’m forgetting, but that’s the gist of it. There are five small levels.
**There are no walk cycles, so that’s way less bugs and time, I think!**

About the Game:
Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn is a narrative-driven, atmospheric point and click game in the style of Kentucky Route Zero with the intimacy and rewarding exploration of Gone Home, but with logic-based environmental puzzles like Grim Fandango. Originally conceived and produced as an alternate reality game, we’ve kept several ARG elements from its original iteration. What makes our gameplay really unique is that with optional side puzzles, you can explore off-game media such as a strange youtube channel, an old geocities webpage, and conspiracy podcasts. You can simply play the game, or you can dive to the bottom of that deep, dank subreddit rabbit hole. Your call.

The Story:
Henry Combs is a man haunted by possibilities. After his wife dies, he becomes obsessed with the Many Worlds Interpretation. He enlists an eccentric, lonely young man to help him build a radio that will allow him to communicate with his wife from parallel dimensions, only to find that he is nostalgic for a stranger. Someone who resembles his wife in uncanny ways, but is never quite her. All while on the run from The Quantum Security Agency/QSA (the private sector of the NSA).

We have a badass international team, and we want you to join!

Art: We’re working with two artists, both with very different, but complementary aesthetics. All art is hand-painted –either digitally or in some cases literally hand-painted gouache cutscenes. We’re also working with video textures layered on top of art to create a surreal, dreamlike environment that mirrors the narrator’s state of mind. and

Writing/Creative Director: Katie is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced on stages in NYC, Chicago, Indiana, and Texas.

Music: Shawn is a composer and songwriter of the critically acclaimed band, The Lovely Sparrows. He has been called "A storyteller first and foremost" by Spin Magazine, and has received positive press by Daytrotter, Paste, and Pitchfork. He has also composed the score for “The Static Speaks My Name” and “Bucket Detective”

To Apply

Please submit your resume and a portfolio of previous work (preferably a website) to

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