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That Homeless Guy! is a 2D indie RPG game currently in development. We have a small team of 3 members: one lead designer/programmer, one lead programmer and one composer/SFX guy. Right now, we are attempting to get all of the pieces in place for us to release an initial tech demo of the game, featuring a single area and a lot of the features we hope to release in the final version of the game, just scaled down, in order to demonstrate many of the gameplay mechanics we hope to include, as well as the functionality of our engine. Right now, most of the game has been fully designed, and we currently have an initial gameplay prototype complete, a functional level editor system and a working tile engine, so as far as programming and design, we are almost ready to release a demo.

We currently have no usable art assets - only logos and concepts done by an external contractor. We are looking for a dedicated, reliable and passionate 2D sprite/pixel artist and animator to design the characters, objects, animations, backgrounds and generic level art necessary for us to release our demo. While we do not have an abundance of money, we are willing to provide a certain amount of compensation for you to complete this work, and when we have received additional funding following the release of our demo, we would be more than happy to compensate you further, should you wish to continue working with us.

The payment is negotiable, but as I said earlier, we are unable to offer huge sums at the moment, due to our lack of external funding.

I look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about the project itself, please visit:

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If you would be interested in joining, please either PM me or send me an email at ! We use Skype for all of our discussions and team meetings, so it would help greatly if you had a Skype account and could send me your username so that I could add you to our group.

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