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Hi all,

I am the founder of GamesWarp Studios.

We are seeking a pixel artist who can help provide sprites and/or concept art for our games. We currently have two games under development (fantasy and sci-fi themed) with the potential for business from clients who are looking to outsource their developmental needs.

The problem is that we are lacking a 2D artist; we only have a 3D environment modeler. Most of our work is skewed towards 2D for now, although we may work on a 3D game as early as June. If you visit our site (see links below), you will notice we are currently using placeholder or free 2D art.

I will be frank here regarding payment - this will be based on a share of game profits upon their release or upon contract by clients who wish to employ our developmental services. We wish to be able to pay before work commences, but there is only so much we can do now at this nascent stage.

If you are looking to let your artwork be known (we can design a page around your art) and would love to come aboard, please write me at I am also running the game review website at

You can find out more about GamesWarp Studio at or

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!

Gavin @ GamesWarp

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