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Posted by DeanV on

Malware, a 2D Windows/Mac/Linux game where the player is a hacker developing a piece of malware (computer virus,trojan,worm etc.) for money, destruction or other goals, is currently looking for 2D artists. The job is for profit share and the amount is purely negotiable.

Why you should take up the offer:

1. A proven concept

The game, Malware, is being based upon a proven concept that people massively enjoy as seen in Plague Inc., Pandemic, and other online/mobile/PC games where the player plays as a biological virus spreading and destroying the earth. In these games the limits were mostly set by biology and science, however in our game the only limits are technological ideas. As another notice, I'm perfectly happy with the artist thinking of ideas for the game and asking us to implement. The only limit is development time.

2. An easy game to create

The games I listed were all created by ONE person. The amount of money put into the game as well as the amount of time needed to create it will be minimal compared to other games. There is minimal risk and a whole lot of reward available for this job offer. As they say, once a game is developed, it keeps making you money until the end of time.

Some info about the game:
Note: This is all in progress, and most of the game besides the basis for it the game to load and run yet to be built (but should be soon).

The player is a hacker(although you never really see yourself; you play mostly looking at the software you are building), building software to achieve a possible set of goals, such as to gain money, destroy computers, or to infect high level computers. Any of those would be goals the player could choose in a single game. In order to achieve these goals, however, he has to build and upgrade his malware. In order to upgrade his malware the player has to spend "time" building it, via spending time upgrading the infection vectors, the "symptoms", abilities to conceal itslelf, etc. However during this the police and eventually the government will be looking to find out who did it... The player cannot spend too much time on any one thing or else he will not reach his goal in time and get caught.
The player does this in a single "game". Each new "game" is a new piece of malware, and a single game should last maybe an 30 minutes-1 hour. An object of the player is not only to finish the game but to finish in the shortest amount of time possible.
Anyways, to keep the player playing, there will be different types of malware the player can unlock after beating the game with the previous types. He unlocks these via his "level"(how creative), and the game will be updated(dlc?) with new malware types and mechanisms the player can play with as we progress in its development. While I won't go in depth about the many types of malware that the player might be able to use, here is a list of possible "upgrades": trojan, virus, worm, ransomware, spyware, keylogger, rat, adware, etc. You can figure out what those are(if you aren't computer savvy enough to know them already) with the glorious tool Google.

What we are developing this for
The game, at first, will be developed for Android, and that's only because I don't have a Mac which is required to code for any of Apple's devices (stupid amirite?). If the game gets popular on Android, then obviously I'll get a mac and port it for Iphone. But that'll be easy - The artwork, idea, and resources will all be done by then.

To Apply

Contact me via skype; My Skype Name is deanvjr and if you seem qualified I'll add you to our skype chat, which is what we use to communicate.

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