Otherwise known as the WICMMT, we make maps for the game World in Conflict. Some maps are really serious and some not so much, but our goal is to make the game World in Conflict more enjoyable for you. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or want to join the group let us know. You can send a PM to the leader of the group, Brody9311 or find some other way to contact us. I hope you like what we are doing and check back to see if we have new maps up.

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Its time for Brody9311 to do his end of the year review for the WICMMT! I hope you Enjoy it!

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Welcome People to the End of the Year Review for the WICMMT!
It took us a bit but I think the WICMMT is finally working up to its goals!
Lets get started
The Goods

  1. We finally got more maps posted! There are 13 of them now and more are coming!
  2. We got the video department running(good job Tiger!)
  3. We got new members!

The Bad

  1. Some maps we have made just happen to crash before we can play them!
  2. The WICMMT was slow during the summer...
  3. Still no word from Ubisoft or Massive about a new WIC or anything

What to expect in 2012(other then the world ending :P )

  1. The finishing some of the maps we did not do in 2011
  2. New videos
  3. Im going to get back into mapping when I have time

Well 2011 was not that bad of a year right?
See you all in 2012
Have a nice day,
Head of the WICMMT


Cant wait to see what surprises the new year has in store. By the way, talk to some of the map makers that had problems loading the maps. I had the same problem with Central park at some point, and all it was was bad placements of command points. (the are usually set to be way beneath the play field, and then when you move them, the move back to the ground level. This leaves some points above ground and some underground. this crashes the map...

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brody9311 Author

I will get right on that,but Central Park is still not done so I would wait to download it until its final.

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