For small Warhammer 40K RP events. Join if you're a fan of Warhammer 40K and like RPing.

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Warhammer Rules?
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hey.. this is my first group! it has my dam email xD

ill join :)

this just get started up?

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Also, i like your ideas, but i must admit my knowledge of the warhammer universe is a bit um.. lacking shall we say xD

But however, i shall claim the Chaos Marines, for now the entire faction if no one minds, as i dont really know how many players we have but if we get more ill just resort to commanding one legion.

We should really post an article containing the names of all legions for all factions.

As for super deamons and such, i figure only one on the battlefield at a time. Cuse thats how it is in Warhammer Soulstorm. And you may not deploy another till the next battle or whatever. As for fleets, idk lol im not sure they are any known space ships xD

As for Titans, same thing as the Demons to make it fair. Entire armies as well :)

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Ten10dix Author

I thought we were simply doing an event or a fight for a single planet or whatever?

My thoughts were:

We make up a planet, and we all fight for said planet. We all have our bases, our objectives ect., and we just fight to see who wins. Kinda like DoW Dark Crusade, but less factions/possibly less battles.

No fleets. Space battles are not really 40K's speciality. Land battles only, with the exception of a possible Tyrannid Hive Fleet invasion (pain) or Exterminatus (HH) depending on who wins and stuff (if pain is winning, he can eventually call in a Hive Fleet and we can all fight against them, or HH calls in an Exterminatus and we all fight against it or whatever, but that'd be more land than space anyway, I'd imagine).

There are ships, look on the wiki.

Greater Daemons will only arrive if the Chaos faction is winning. My Sorcerer is being controlled by a Greater Daemon, and if I'm the winning faction he'll eventually come out and everyone will turn against him (kinda like the previous Exterminatus/Hive Fleet event).

Adenn can eventually call a WAAAAAGH and we'll have to all fight against him.

It may prove interesting and epic battles, and can allow us to imitate the huge battles in the WH40K universe.

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hmm.. yes. but not all people must fight the demon :P its their own choice haha

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What rules? Main thing should be:

What sort of forces are permitted? How big are we going? Entire armies? Battles for cities? Planets? Sub sectors?

Units? Titans? Greater Demons?

Plus the actual event. I mean, we currently have Orks, Nids, Space Marinea and a corrupt Imperial Legion lead by Chaos.

Maybe SMs come in to investigate what happened to the Imperial Legion and found out an infestation of Orks, then the Hive Mind attacks the planet and Imperial Legion reveals itself? Or what? xD.

Just ideas, throwing them out there.

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