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this is a story how the ork grotz begun a rebellion. check the orc clan for more grotz and orkz and now also monsters.

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It all began when Grotsnik was beaten unconscious and captured by Imperial agents during a battle against an ork Waaagh. He was then taken to a hidden research base on a desert planet where a mad radical Ordos Xenos Inquisitor who believed that the Orks were the greatest threat to humanity and in time would overwhelm them. He believed that the solution would be removing the backbone of the ork forces which was the grots who serve as engineers for the Orks war machines and servants for other important tasks that the Orks refuse to do.

Knowing that like the Orks the Grots couldn’t be wiped out he went with a radical tactic of sparking a rebellion within the Ork forces believing that a battle between the two classes would disrupt most Ork military movement and save Imperium from certain doom.

For this he took Grotsnik and several other Grots and taught them special skills such as military tactics, propaganda and tank engineering. Teaching them how to turn the Grot population into a deadly force to use against the Orks.

Not surprisingly only three Grots survived the violent and deadly training. The Inquisitor now impressed by the outcome of his madness gave them the title of ‘The Red Stars’ each with their own unique talent:

Gazza Stripbolt: Vehicle Engineering & Weapons Expert
Gorsh Orksmasha: Close Combat Fighter and Warboss Assassination
& Colonel Grotsnik: Leader, Recruiter and Military Tactics, he demanded he be referred to as ‘Colonel Grotsnik’ instead of ‘Boss’ With the training completed the Inquisitor ordered a massive strike on a nearby Ork encampment leaving strict Orders only to target the Orks themselves. After the battle the remaining Waaagh forces listed at around 10 grots to every 1 ork it was then that the Red Stars were unleashed into the Orks forces to sow deceit and rebellion. After a few swift actions The Red Stars had gained control of the Waaagh and began the creation of the Rebellion using Imperial weapons and vehicles provided to them by the Inquisitor and twisting them to their own design afterwards the ascension of the Grot Rebellion it was continually transported from planet to planet by a group of the radical Inquisitor’s own transport ships waging war against the Orks where ever they went.

moddlord1 Author

viva los grotz!!

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Viva! oh when i will return to modding (i don`t know when it will be) - i can create mod about Grot race ;)

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moddlord1 Author

yes grot army would be cool in soulstorm. they got cool army i post everything in ork clan. revolution has started there red star troops vs orkz.

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oh yeah kitty ;)

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moddlord1 Author

i am dog your are pussy. you forgot?

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oh yeah doggy ;) i kiss your nose ;)

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moddlord1 Author


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