We are the members of the Old Republic (about 4,000 BBY). We are the allies of the Jedi Order and are enemies of the Sith and the Mandalorians. We fight to bring peace to the galaxy...

A grave threat has struck, and half of the galaxy has already fallen...

Posted by Airaviper on Jul 16th, 2011

Avenger2, our leader sense the start of the Republic, has betrayed us. He has revealed his identity as a Vong warlord. The Vong are coming back, deadlier then ever. Negoitations are taking place between and Jedi to see if they will assist the Republic in the war, thought some more eager have joined the effort already. Darth_Ten10dix saved a Republic fleet over Tatooine, and also gave the Republic a save haven after the Vong invasion that saw half of the Galaxy fall. Jedi Padawans Tharnis and Donutbob are offering there help in this Crisis, with ships and men, in this dark hour. The Vong have overrun half of the galaxy, including most of the core worlds and some of the outer rim. Hopefully, when the Vong strike again, we can unite the galaxy under one banner. The Sith shall fight them on the ground, with there immense power and strength. The Republic will use it's mighty Navy to fight against the hideously ugly organic ships the Vong have. The Jedi will use there powers for support, healing our troops, and such. This shall all happen if you join us. We need your help and you need ours.

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Keeper-Orsaa Jul 17 2011 says:


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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 17 2011 says:

it is time for us to kick the vongs a$$ .

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 17 2011 says:

i still control rendilii with my huge fleet

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AK151 Jul 18 2011 says:

I will help. I control a shipyard in a remote area. I have so far constructed two dreadnaughts, the Valiance and the Rising Justice, and I intend to use them. I am also developing prototype fighter bombers. Dragoons, able to match a Coralskipper easily. They can also act as bombers. You have my full support in this war, and I believe the Jedi will join in as well.

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Keeper-Orsaa Jul 18 2011 says:

good i actually specialize in healing and sensing the future. :)

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Guardian14 Aug 4 2011 says:

the vong are no match for my protoss warriors.

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Nova_Stihl Creator
Nova_Stihl Aug 8 2011 replied:

ill bring the zerg i guess.
itll be a war between two sides that are only biological. happy time!

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May 9, 2011
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