we are the Sith Imperium, a new name for a new order. Do not mistake our intent, we are not tyrants who exploit the weak for personal gain. we too believe in a galaxy at peace. However, we do not fear the dark side and the powers it brings, and we intend to use it in our endeavour for a peaceful galaxy.

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Everything you need to know about the Second Galactic Empire

Posted by Ten10dix on May 20th, 2013

The Second Galactic Empire

Some Emblems

The Second Galactic Empire spans the vast majority of the Core Worlds, composing of 12 entire sectors. The main seat of the Imperial Government is on Coruscant, the center of the entire Imperial economy and also the most important political world in the Empire, housing not only the newly formed Imperial Senate but also the Imperial Palace itself, the center of the Imperial Government. The Military is based on Kuat, the center of the Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy, the Stormtrooper Corps, the Clone Legions and any other military-related organism.

The Imperial Government


The Imperial Government is a strict entity, relying on Imperial Propaganda and the Imperial Military to secure Law and Order throughout the thousands of systems it spans. The Empire is ruled by the Emperor, holding various titles such as Head of State, Supreme Commander and Supreme Chancellor. To cross the Emperor is to sign your own death warrant.

However, the Emperor requires loyal servants to rule his Empire. Moffs are assigned to each planet, to govern it and make sure it brings something of value to the Empire. Sometimes multiple planets considered too poor or weak by the Emperor are ruled by a single Moff. Grand Moffs govern entire sectors, making sure the Moffs are efficient and are also responsible for making sure the sector is well defended and turning in good profit.

The Imperial Senate is the public's voice in the Imperial Government. On each planet, several officials are elected to represent the Imperial Population. The Senate is presided over by e Chancellor, chosen personally by the Emperor. Most matters are handled by the Chancellor, who voices their concern to the Moff or Grand Moff in question. Sometimes people openly disagree with Imperial Policy, in which case the Chancellor is responsible for eliminating this dissent in any way possible. Most of the time this means a simple speech, other times more extreme actions are called for.

The Imperial Government is almost immune to corruption and can respond to matters efficiently and quickly, due to the fact in the end one man makes the choice for dire situations. This can however provide problems for the People, though thanks to extensive Imperial Propaganda the Core Worlds are almost entirely pro-Imperial.

The Imperial Military


The Imperial Military is widely considered the most powerful and professional entity in the Galaxy. While other soldiers are encouraged to fight for money or ideals, Imperial Soldiers are trained to fight with only one man in mind: The Emperor. This loyalty is almost fanatical, many of these soldiers would gladly put their lives down for the Emperor. This means that Imperial Discipline is both admired and feared by its enemies.

The first line of defense of the Empire is the Imperial Navy. They hold a proud heritage, with only one major defeat in nearly twenty years of service, and many glorious victories under their belts. This was the entity that brought the Mandalorian Empire to its knees, that crushed the Galactic Alliance's Resistance in the Southern Regions, that fought and won against the traitorous Fel Empire. Their ships are widely respected, and provide a lot of offense and defense, designed to overwhelm enemy lines and cruise through hostile fleets, cutting through them like knife through butter.

The Imperial Army is the second and last line of defense. It is composed of three major entities: The Imperial Army, Stormtrooper Corps and the Clone Legions. The Imperial Army itself provides Imperial Troopers for policing services. Whilst not as fanatical or well trained as the more professional soldiers the Empire has to offer, they excel in making sure Imperial Law and Order is enforced. The Stormtrooper Corps is composed of old war veterans or Imperial Army Troopers who have been deemed loyal and skilled enough to become Stormtroopers. Well equipped and almost fanatically loyal to the Emperor, the Stormtroopers bring fear to all they face. The Clone Legions truly are the creme de la creme, they are as skilled as Mandalorian Warriors and their loyalty surpasses that even of the Stormtroopers. They will follow any order, no matter the cost.
The Imperial War Machine is the ultimate military force in the Galaxy, though due to this many of its officers and commanders believe themselves invincible. This is reflected in their combat style:

The Ram Doctrine is the most widely used in the Military, both by the Navy and Army. The name speaks for itself, and the general idea of it is to pierce enemy lines using heavily armored units supported by nimbler units on the flanks. When the line has been pierced, the Imperials can easily mop up any remaining enemy forces. The Ram Doctrine comes in various forms, though one thing is certain: It is very deadly, and has been the key to Imperial Victory many times over.

The Obliteration Doctrine is less used but some consider it even more deadly than the Ram Doctrine. It is mostly land based, and very simply consists of digging in and setting up long range artillery and an airbase, and bombing the enemy into oblivion. This is the main strategy employed in siege battles, and has been used more frequently lately due to the Federation's reliance on defense. This can lead to heavy damage to the civilian population and infrastructure, but the Imperial believe that the city under attack deserves obliteration because they sided with the Federation.

All in all, the Empire boasts a very strong Military focused very much on offense, with some of the most disciplined soldiers in the Galaxy. While the average Stormtrooper may be equal to that of the Federation trooper, the Clone Legions give a vital edge to the Empire, one they would do almost anything to conserve.

The Imperial Economy


The Empire boasts the strongest internal economy in the Galaxy, thanks to strict regulations imposed by the state, with the Government dipping its hand in most profit anyone makes thanks to certain tolls or taxes. This allows it to be largely self sufficient, as it does not need to rely on outside trade for its survival.

However, it does not boast the best economy in the Galaxy. Even though it has the entire Core Worlds under its control, the trade in the Empire is below average, due to the fact the Empire directly controls most external trade companies and forces anything that goes in or out to pay a toll. It also gives a lot of fund to the Military, allowing for less to go to the infrastructure.

This economical situation provides both advantages and disadvantages. While it is almost immune to blockade and is self sufficient, the loss of a lot of trade income compared to factions such as the Federation impact on it heavily, though it is still easily the second most powerful economical powerhouse in the Galaxy, and thanks to the Core Worlds, the economical center of the Galaxy, it would only need to take a few more steps to come out on top.

Imperial Territory

The Empire currently spans 12 sectors, and controls the great majority of the Core Worlds.

High Security:

Medium Security:

Low Security:

Coruscant is the political and economical center of the Empire, housing the Imperial Palace, Imperial Senate and the largest and most wealthy Financial Center in the Empire, and the Galaxy.

Kuat is the seat of the Imperial Military. It holds the Admiralty and Imperial Army Headquarters, and is also responsible for the vast majority of Military production.

Corellia is the second most important economical center due to the vast trade it receives. It is the only sector that receives above average trade income apart from Coruscant.

Fondor is the second most important military center, the vast shipyards repairing most Imperial fleets and the large supply centers make sure forces on the front stay well equipped and any vehicles quickly repaired.

Mechis and Allanteen are two main Imperial fortresses, both keeping the Federation out of Imperial space.

Corsin is the Imperial's main fortress, situated near Mandalorian borders. Its job is to discourage any hostile action from the Mandalorians, but also serves as a minor supply base for Imperial forces stationed in the North.

Bilbringi and Bestine serve as repair yards, able to bring a fleet back to full strength, though would require additional resources and equipment to produce one.

Albregado-Rae houses many minor Imperial Research Facilities, mainly concentrated on biological and medical research.

Mimban and Tanaab have contain nothing special.

Imperial Diplomacy

The Sith Order

Sith Logo
Relations: Tense Alliance
The Sith Order and the Empire hold a tense alliance. Although most in the Galaxy ignore the continued existence of the Sith, Imperial High Command reluctantly recognize them as allies. Several deals have been made between the two, and one in particular is the reason for their continued alliance.

The Mandalorian Conglomerate

Relations: Tense-Neutral
Although officially the Mandalorian Conglomerate is neutral with the Empire, the factions both hold a distaste for the other, born out of past confrontations. Neither faction has shown any official hostility to the other, and both live in relative Peace, though that may change at a moment's notice.

The Hutt Cartel

Relations: Neutral
The Empire has mostly ignored the activities of the Hutt Cartel. The Hutts are the complete opposite of what the Empire is trying to establish, and so no Alliance would ever be possible with them. However, neither would a War, for the Empire believed in direct, brutal confrontation, whereas the Hutts would simply hide from anything the Empire sent. The Empire also has not the resources to spare for such a War. Yet.

The Chiss Protectorate

Relations: Aimable-Neutral
The Chiss have led a quiet life, and cut themselves off from the rest of the Galaxy. However, due to their close proximity to Imperial Space, both factions realized negotiations were inevitable to stop war. Thus the Empire has good relations with the Chiss, though no official Alliance has been announced and one probably won't be anytime soon.

The New Jedi Order

jedi order symbol
Relations: At War
Although the Empire has nothing against the Jedi Order in and of itself, viewing as a religious organization and nothing more, the fact that they are allied with the Federation is more than enough for the Empire to call the Jedi an enemy. The Empire disregards the Jedi, even more so with Emperor Tarl in command. The Empire managed to defeat the Sith without a single drop of blood, and believe the Jedi Order will fall just as easily.

The Galactic Federation of Free People

New Republic Insignia?
Relations: Total War
The Galactic Federation of Free People and the Second Galactic Empire have been at odds for nigh on 15 years. While the last ten have been spent in a state of Cold War, recent events have moved the Galactic Empire into a state of Total War, mobilizing their resources in an effort to obliterate the Federation. They are the main enemy of the Imperial Government and People, and all who stand with them are viewed as enemies by the Empire and shall be obliterated alongside them.

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 6:12pm says:

Need logos for Hutt/Chiss...


Will get around to it xD.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 21 2013, 6:03am replied:

Just rip mine.

You seem to have done it with everything else anyway XD

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix May 25 2013, 4:31pm replied:

Your format seemed rather good, can't fix what isn't broken.

Plus I did give more details on our individual sectors, so it isn't a *complete* rip off xD.

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