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The Federation Armed Forces finds many of the roots in the previous governments of its kind, but Army strategists realize the need to innovate in some areas and have done and such. But the reformed Forces have yet to stand its test.

Posted by Headhunter128 on May 8th, 2013

The Resistance's success against Imperial forces eventually became a problem, as with Army of Light and the Rebel Alliance many centuries earlier. With the armed forces being more or less having evolved into a hit and run fighting force, using guerrilla tactics against the enemy. The forces of the Resistance was simply not capable of fighting a longer and more regular war against a superior enemy, thus the leaders of the resistance, even while the Federation was still a work in progress, decided that the need for a re-structuring and modernization of their armed forces was essential in order to continue the success and in order to secure that success in the future. After the Federation had been established the modernization progress was started immediately leading to the new and improved Federation Defense Forces.

The Federation Army

Ground Forces

Federation Trooper

Other Trooper SuggestionsThe Federation troopers, valiantly fighting in the defense of his home and his family. They defend civilization against the countless horrors in the galaxy and are prime examples of the dedication the people of the Federation commit in the name of justice and the right of freedom. These brave souls remain ready and willing to lay their lives on the line today along side their Jedi Commanders and brothers in arms. The Federation troopers goes through a very extensive and though training which have a high numbers of dropouts- The reason for this hard training is to save lives and provide the troops in the field with the best odds possible. Federation engineers have worked overtime fashioning new defensive gear for the Federation soldiers, drawing inspiration from the Old Republic designs. Besides new armor, the Federation have also made sure to provide the latest in weapons technology such as the R-20 Scatterblaster, the ARC-9965 Blaster Rifle and all troops carries a AKraB Vibrodagger.

KR1 Battle Droid

Battle DroidStanding at approximately 2 meters tall, The KR1 Battle Droid was specifically designed for security and infantry support. It's versatile, and features a respectable amount of durability and firepower. Military strategist realized the need for droids to supplement the army was necessary in order to continue any wars or skirmishes effectively and also due to how much was invested in troop training, purchasing droids would be a cheaper alternative. Armed with a light Laser Cannon against infantry and a small rocket launcher for heavy infantry and light vehicles, additionally it is outfitted with a propulsion system that allows it to fly and hover. The KR1 is highly liked among soldiers fighting on the front lines, not only for it being reliable in combat, but also for giving the enemy something else for the enemy to shoot at.

Recon Speeder

They are powered by repulsors and a turbine engine mounted on the frontal prong. The speeder is controlled via twin steering vanes atop the bike, and pedals fitted below. Two blaster cannons protruded from the bottom of the forward prong, while two more were fixed on either side of the vehicle's rear.The speeders were capable of flying at high altitudes and were sometimes used as escorts for transports carrying important passengers.


Portable Automated TurretThe Portable Automated Turrets are used mostly by engineers for infantry support in the field, being able to provide suppressing fire on the enemy and providing enemy infantry a good incentive to stay in cover while Federation troops either advance or retreat. With double mounted Rapid fire Laser cannons, these turrets sees widespread use in defensive operations and are sometimes deployed via Speeders as diversionary tactics or as a means of slowing down an enemy.

All Terrain Assault Enforcer

The AT-AE design is based of the Republics AT-XT. It is equipped with twin laser cannons mounted under its chin and two long-range proton mortar launchers. In spite of its reasonably slow speed of only seventy-five kilometers per hour, which was only fifteen kilometers per hour faster than the AT-TE, and five kilometers per hour faster than the AT-RT, it was capable of demolishing enemy columns. The Federation version had to sacrifice its shields in order to make room newer weapon systems, allowing it to compete with modern walkers, however it also made the walker cheaper to produce.

TX-130T Light Tank

The 8.2 meter-long TX-130T was an upgraded version of the TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank repulsorcraft employed during the Clone Wars, equipped with added shielding and protection. It was 3.05 meters wide and 2.3 meters high. The craft had a limited repulse boost, which propelled it to 321 km/h, faster than its speed of 193 km/hour, making it fast and agile.It was armed with a single top-mounted beam cannon turret, two heavy laser cannons on either side of the cockpit, and a pair of computer-guided missile launchers along the hull. The launchers fired thermal detonators or concussion missiles, with a payload of eight missiles. The TX-130T was used to support infantry assaults and was also used in an anti-armor role. Despite being an older Clone Wars/GCW design, it was seen by Federation Command as a useful and reliable tank overall, and was modernized, upgraded and re-designated as the TX-130R. Because of its high speed and maneuverability, it has come to be known as the "Fighter Tank". It is one of the most produced and versatile vehicles in the Federation's arsenal.

T4-B Heavy Tank

An updated version of the T3-B heavy attack tank, the T4-B was armed with two fire linked laser cannons, with three concussion missile tubes or four mortar launcher tubes placed between them, the firepower of which was devastating against infantry units. Typically, missiles or mortars were used at long range, against any target, then the tanks would close in and engage the enemy with their powerful anti-armor laser cannon, with a set of light particle shields providing some extra protection. Although powerful, the unit did have significant drawbacks. Its tracked design limited its mobility (though its mass and power more than offset this flaw) and was expensive to produce.


AA vehicle?The Federation Anti-Air Vehicle serves support role in the Federation army, which is to protect ground forces against air strikes or to defend fortified positions. Its main weapons can also target ground targets, but since the vehicle is primarily designed for Anti-Air, the effect would be limited. The vehicle have both missiles, the most common means Anti-Air, but also a pair of specialized Mass Driver Cannons, which in conjunction which with special trajectory software, are more than capable of shooting targets moving at high speed out of the air. Besides having a decent speed, as a defensive measure, it also contains Electronic Countermeasures to prevent missile strikes.

TN-25 Arbalest

The TN-25 was designed to be a mobile support weapons system by the Federation. It could be used for indirect engagements against heavily entrenched enemies, or for tasks require the demolition of an enemy bunker or quite simply a close-artillery support role. Its multipurpose rockets were capable of locking on to air or ground units, or simply being dumb-fired in a straight line or at a high vertical angle to bombard enemy positions over obstacles. The tank is well armored enough to withstand significant damage, and has a blaster cannon to defend itself at close range, but largely suffers in close engagements if left unsupported.

TP-90 Mobile Artillery Cannon

The Federation Mobile Artillery Cannon , also known as the MAC, was a military vehicle that had a large anti-vehicle cannon mounted. The cannon, fired devastating plasma rounds at the enemy powerful enough to take out most vehicles and the surrounding infantry. In order to provide extra stability, the tracks on the vehicle "lock down" whenever it enters firing mode, while being an inconvenience if a sudden retreat is ordered, it is however necessarily in order to provide the required stability for successful targeting and prevents it from having to move back to its prior position after having fired.

All Terrain Shock Enforcer

All Terrain Shock EnforcerThe AT-SE is a force to be reckoned with. The AT-SE takes upon the Protection of the AT-AT, the Firepower of the AT-TE, and the speed of the AT-ST, and puts them all together in a hard hitting heavy assault walker. This version has been modified with a mass driver, which can be loaded with heavy artillery shells or HE, or AP anti-tank shell.

A7 Juggernaut

Heavy Assualt Vehicle A7 Juggernaut

The old and proven Clone Turbo Tank that was widely used in the Clone Wars era and after now finds itself in use again in the Federation. Engineers went to work on this respected war machine and were able to create the A7, the next generation Juggernaut.It has many of the same characteristics but there are some key differences, for one the A7 has improved armor that is capable of deflecting occasional laser bolts, if that fails the super-conducted armor plates will dispense the energy throughout the area to keep the heat from melting the armor.Its also far more modular, able to be converted into a troop carrier quickly one time and then reconfigured into an assault vehicle the next.

Air Support


The Multi Altitude Assault Transport was an evolution of the Galactic Republic's Low Altitude Assault Transport repulsorlift gunship and was a rugged, combat ready repulsorcraft used by the Empire to deploy its stormtroopers in a variety of environments, as well as conditions. Like its predecessor, the MAAT was armed with a variety of weapons which included missile launchers and laser cannons. However, while the LAAT was primarily used to land troops on planetary surfaces, the MAAT instead was capable of transporting stormtroopers to much higher altitude locations such as upper atmosphere installations as well as starships hanging in low orbit of a world. There are other versions which have been designed to carry tanks like the AT-TE and cargo containers. The Federation have adopted the design, but while the outside remains more or less the same, much have changed on the inside. In order to get troops safely to the ground electronic counter measures have been installed in order to increase their odds of surviving heavy AA missile fire from the surface.

ACX-100 Aurora

The Aurora Aggressive Reconnaissance Fighter was recently developed by Auricom Fleet Industries in a joint operation with Incom. Though lacking S-foils that the other Incom have traditionally featured, the Aurora nevertheless boasts the same versatility, and balance of speed, durability and firepower that its predecessors, like the X-83 TwinTail, featured in the past.

Originally it was conceited to be a reconnaissance craft, equipped with advanced sensors to for scouting missions and exploration. However during the design process it became apparent that the craft could serve other roles. By compacting its sensors into a removable dome that could be placed on top of the fighter's hull, more room could be made for a larger shield generator. Other design concepts from the ARC-170 starfighter and the X-38 Twintail were also implemented, such as medium laser cannons (now more compact), shuttle-grade armor, class 1.5 hyperdrive, and twin proton torpedo tubes, allowing the ACX-100 to also serve as a heavy fighter, along with a number of other roles.

ASF-24 Snowbird

After the Kinyien Crisis, the Federation quickly realized that the MAAT would not be able fully fill the ground support role as new the atmospheric vehicles introduced by the Empire, allowed them to gain the upper hand. The result is the ASF-24 Snowbird Airspeeder. Its primary armament is a set of heavy laser cannons and a limited payload of missiles for general anti-ground or anti-air purposes, the Snowbird is a very fast strike fighter and bomber and able to reach high speeds quickly, so as to cover ground quickly and support the army. However, the ASF-24 Snowbird sacrifices armor, only having enough to protect from most small arms fire. Thus it relies on its high speeds to avoid enemy fire.

K-Wing Heavy Bomber

The BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter, commonly known as the K-wing, is a heavy starfighter/bomber. The K-wing starfighter's primary missions includes precision bombing of planetary targets, slow-moving capital ships, and space-borne installations. It also performs secondary missions as an escort or reconnaissance ship in the Federation. The K-wing also takes up the role as heavy gunship and can be found watching over the troops on the ground.

Reliance-Class Assault Ship

Reliance Assault Ship

The Reliance-Class Assault ships serves as a support craft in planetary operations. Capable of providing both in-atmosphere fire support in battle or for the defense of the landing zone. It serves as supply transport or repair station for other air units. The ship is also equipped with a sensor array and advanced communication relay, whereas ground forces can better coordinate with each other and with the assault craft, providing precise coordinates for artillery and bomber strikes.

Acclamator-Class III Transport

Capable of atmospheric flight, these ships usually brings down equipment, troop and vehicles to support a ground campaign, also providing fire support if necessary. No more than 5 of these ships are usually needed to bring down an ordinary Army Group with fully equipment and they bring decent firepower of their own. However they remain vulnerable to enemy bombers and therefor requires protection during decent. Once on the ground, AA vehicles are often some of the first things to be deployed in order to fully secure the landing zone.

The Federation Navy

Crossfire Starfighter

The CF9 Crossfire starfighter is one of the most modern starfighters in the galaxy, also being a favorite among pilots. The Crossfire was designed primarily to fly long distances to reach its target, inflict maximum damage, and return home in one piece. For this, it followed the Incom ideology of being perfectly balanced between speed, maneuverability, durability and firepower.


The K-wing starfighter's primary missions included precision bombing of planetary targets, slow-moving capital ships, and space-borne installations. It also performed secondary missions as an escort or reconnaissance ship. The K-wing carried an unusually large arsenal for a vessel of its size. The hull had a total of 18 hard points, five on each upper wing and four on each lower wing, to allow technicians to arm the ship with a large variety of weapons including flechétte and concussion missiles, proton and other sub-light torpedoes, thermal and other inertial bombs, small space mines, and T-33 plasma torpedoes.

Nexus-Class Corvette

The Nexus-Class Corvette is the main corvette of the Federation Fleets, able to fend of fighters thanks to its heavy laser cannons. It has 2 dual medium turbo laser cannons for light defense against other corvettes, and concussion missile launchers for use against frigates or corvettes.It has decent shields, but a weak hull. This is due to the fact it mainly stays between or behind Federation lines, to give extra support to any larger ships. Its speed allows it to quickly move about and lend support where it is needed, and to close any gaps which enemy fighters or bombers would exploit.

Corona-Class Frigate

The Corona-class frigate is a combat starship produced by Kuat Drive Yards. A successor to the successful EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate line. Physically resembling its predecessor, Corona-class vessels were intended to operate both independently and in larger fleet formations, as well as perform a variety of mission profiles, including reconnaissance, close-line fire support and anti-starfighter screening operations.

Endurance-Class Fleet Carrier

ShipsThe Endurance-class fleet carrier serves as a Starfighter carrier for the Federation. Endurance-class fleet carriers were only armed with a secondary armament of twelve turbolaser cannons, twenty laser cannons, eight ion cannons, and four tractor beam projectors. While they boasted improved hull integrity, their shields were markedly less powerful. Although they were equipped with a formidable anti-starfighter weapon system, the fleet carriers were usually protected by screening ships and starfighters. They were not designed to enter the savage heart of battle, but to deploy and coordinate smaller ships.

Scythe-Class Battle Cruiser

ShipsThe Scythe-class main battle cruiser is the primary warship of the Federation Navy and will form the backbone of the fleet, just like it did in the old Galactic Alliance. The Scythe-class utilized its powerful engines to maneuver into a position where it could bring the "cross of fire" weapons batteries to bear on an enemy vessel. This massive barrage of turbolaser, ion cannon, and torpedo fire was capable of destroying larger vessels like the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer.The Scythe-class battle cruiser's name was in part due to the massive vertical blade centered on the bow of the warship. The Scythe-class was heavily armed with advanced weaponry, including thirty heavy turbolaser batteries, thirty standard turbolaser batteries, twenty ion cannon batteries, and twenty proton torpedo launchers with a 160-warhead capacity. Like the Nebula-class it has been modified with an advanced cooling system, giving it an increased rate of fire with its laser-based weaponry.

Nebula-Class Star Destroyer

ShipsAlthough it was only 1,040 meters long (65% of the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer), the Nebula-class was built to be a match for an Imperial II. Even with a structure that was a significant departure from the Imperial-class, especially the lack of a command tower, the Nebula was often mistaken for an Imperial design due to its angular lines.Its small size often lead to it being referred to as a "pocket Star Destroyer", much as the later Turbulent-class would be as well. It was designed to be able to defeat any one enemy Star Destroyer, two heavy cruisers, or an entire line of smaller Imperial support ships. It mounted defenses strong enough to resist even some of the smaller Super Star Destroyers or analog warships. Recently the design has undergone a few upgrades. Advanced cooling systems gives it an increased rate of fire, superior to other ships of its class, additionally its engines have been upgraded to give the Nebula increased speed and maneuverability. Other modification and upgrades have also been noted, like a slight increase in shield capacity..

Silphen-Class Star Destroyer

Siphen-class SDThe Silphen Star Destroyer serves as a Command ship in standard Federation fleets, seeing as the costs and logistical issues of Super Star Destroyers being the command ship of every fleet would strain the military budget too much. However the Silphen is more than capable of lifting the job as a command ship, even in combat, being a product of Mon Calamari design, it fields not only strong superior shields, but is also quite capable of taking the fight to the enemy. Combining all the best aspects of Imperial and Republic technology from past wars, these ships are over 2 kilometers long making them twice as large as Star Destroyers and are equipped with 24 heavy quad turbolasers, 120 turbolasers linked in banks of 4 and 45 heavy ion cannons linked in banks of 3. Multiple shield generators and overlapping armor plating as well as 80 torpedoes tubes and multiple tractor beam emplacements give this destroyer impressive standard capabilities.

Vicscount-Class Dreadnought

The Viscount-class Star Defender was chosen because of the need to counter the Imperial Super Star Destroyers. Although slightly shorter in length than the Executor-class, the superior construction skills of the Mon Calamari enabled the vessel to carry more starfighters, as well as having a substantially smaller crew. Its shape was also more compact than the Executor-class and it had heavier and more extensive armor. Dozens of docking clamps allowed the vessel to directly dock with many other capital ships at the same time. The Viscount's shields had backups, like previous Calamari designs, and were thus highly regenerative. The computers, electronic equipment and sensor systems were above and beyond those of an Imperial Star Dreadnought and it carried a HoloNet transceiver.

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:22pm says:

Don't hate on the KR1 Battledroid. It is the only thing me and Praxis agreed completely on. A FRIENDSHIP IS AT STAKE HERE!


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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Creator
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis May 8 2013, 3:40pm replied:

Wait what? Who's hating on mah droid? I'll keel zem!>.<

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 8 2013, 3:36pm says:

OMgsegsegsegseg you used the image from Battle-Net for article sgsdgdfgdsg ragerageragerage!

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:48pm replied:


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Branden-Magister May 8 2013, 3:40pm says:

love it mate, even though i utterly hate you for using the Scythe, but im glad someone is using it. it was going to waste.

also this is nice too.

i mean its like better :P

Anyway, can we finally start blowing each other up.. erm i mean playing friendly games of chess? ;)

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:49pm replied:

Scythe to B5. Taking out your Pellaeon.

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Branden-Magister May 8 2013, 3:50pm replied:

xD soo cold soo cold..

Harrower to B5, taking out your Scythe :P

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:53pm replied:

It's a TRAP!

Viscount to C4. Taking out your SSD.

Star Wars + Chess? I have never felt this Nerdy. Lol

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Branden-Magister May 8 2013, 3:54pm replied:

Noooo! :'(

Feds 1 Sith 0

i have failed my master.. i now die in disgrace..

xD good pun btw :P

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:55pm replied:


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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Creator
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis May 8 2013, 3:57pm replied:

*flips table*

Whoops xD

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 8 2013, 3:59pm replied:

A new player have entered the tournament I see.

You traitor... xD

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Branden-Magister May 8 2013, 3:59pm replied:

xD i call mismatch! NO WINNER!

Yay! :P

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_w_ May 9 2013, 8:25am says:

you didn't really mention a weakness on the scythe.
We can ONLY assume it's got weaker plating and weapons on this sides..
if it doesn't, well i guess it's a bit OP.
same goes for the nebula and silphen, while the endurance does have it's faults mentioned.

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 9 2013, 3:30pm replied:

Why not just look up the Scythe and Nebula on Wookiepedia?

As for the Silphen, I cannot speak for it as I did not design it.

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_w_ May 9 2013, 4:14pm replied:

Well it's the RP not letskeepwookieepediaoninadifferenttab-simulator just saying :P.

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Headhunter128 Author
Headhunter128 May 9 2013, 6:20pm replied:

And our article is a not wikithatexplainseverythingforlazypeople xD

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