Ok this is a group who realizes that tharnis is corrupt and a idiot and is loyal to the original emperor who leads fairly. We have all but tharnis and his men of the new empire

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These updates shall be about our current stats , military ect. This is the first one .

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Territory : We control 1/6 of the Unknown regions .
Military : Millions of capital ships, hundreds of millions of corvettes, and countless fighters . On the ground, a massive amount of well trained troops, all dedicated to the fall of the GA .
Economy : Collected from our planets . The credits are drawn to my personal bank and then are used to keep The new Empire running .
Production : Ship building , tank building , and PIZZA !
Goal : To bring a new order of peace and order to the galaxy .

I am very proud of my growing empire . We do have a spy problem and i might have some leads on who they are . However their names are classified to even my best men .

- The new Empire aims for a new era of peace and order . We will not use viruses to win wars and loyalty is important in our ranks .

Good day . =)

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