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I wrote this article awhile back to serve as a reminder to myself, since I have a short temper when people attack my interests. I believe it will serve as a valuable lesson to Bronies everywhere. Now that I magically am able to post on this group, I can finally post it here.

Posted by mandella644 on Sep 19th, 2012

Doctor Mandella: Ignore that stuff and realize nobody cares about what they say.

He's either:

a. Trying to get a reaction out of you.

b. A pony-hater that has not yet grasped the concept that watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does for a fact NOT mean that you are homosexual in any way, shape, or form.
c. He's trolling you.

If this situation came about in a first person shooter video game, (such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Team Fortress, etc.) search for the best opportunity to embarrassingly own him extremely hard while he is busy ranting about how dumb ponies are in the chat. After you have completed this step, make sure you teabag his lifeless body relentlessly, completing the process.
He will then most likely:

a. Leave you alone or quit.

b. Explode.

Hope this helps you!


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Velancious Sep 20 2012, 1:58am says:

Here's my little guide after some rather interesting psychological studies:

A. Troll - should be self-explanatory and should be easy to tell (use the analogy: if he's too stupid to be real...troll). Note: A troll may actually believe what he says, as I have seen a few anti-brony trolls turn around and hate on bronies regardless (trolling is like their way of harassing; kinda sad). In this case, some trolls might also classify as haters or anti-bronies but should still be treated like a troll until the trolling attitude clears up.
B. Actual hater - hates on bronies for watching the show (like any hater of any fandom/group, they dislike people liking things they don't think they'll have an interest in). Haters have usually not have seen the show, or if they have, it's like the first two episodes (really bad idea) or a small portion of one episode.
C. Anti-brony - hates a majority of bronies, if not all. They can be quite varied on those numbers and may/may not seek out bronies to harass (unlike a hater or troll). Their deal and reason of hate is associated around ponyfags, who are kid bronies who harass outsiders with ponies. To them, these ponyfags represent the fandom and they feel the fandom must be destroyed (cuz the internet's srsbsns). You'll find out fast that many can be reasoned with yet many cannot. This is mainly due to a personal experience with bronies they won't let go (again, srsbsns). Possible scenarios I have heard are: 1. Brony harassed me/my friend with ponies, 2. Brony promised that the show had references and I found none, 3. Bronies post their mods/models/skins on public uploading sites!

Yes, those are seriously the three main reasons behind the creation of anti-bronies I have found and this is useful to know as you can use this against them.

Hope this cleared some light on the issue. Tried to keep it as brief and condensed as possible, trying to include the most important information.

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Chubrokoli Sep 20 2012, 9:47am says:

One simple question: Why do some people think that we have to have the same interests/opinions. Just stupid. What a opinion you have is your own thing. Thats because a democracy is possible, those people are perfect for the dumb dictatorships in the world. EVERYONE has an OWN opinion

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Purgendem Sep 20 2012, 10:13am says:

The fact that somebody wrote an article on this is quite funny.

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RighteousFighter Sep 20 2012, 11:05am replied:

Not as funny as the fact that you are still here.

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Chubrokoli Sep 20 2012, 1:58pm replied:

maybe youre deep inside yourself also a brony :P because youre still here

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Purgendem Sep 20 2012, 2:33pm replied:

I'm still here so I can further help the efforts to cure cancer.

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JonSplitz Creator
JonSplitz Sep 20 2012, 2:43pm replied:

How is that a reason why your still on this group?

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Velancious Sep 20 2012, 3:46pm replied:

Regardless, you're an obvious troll.

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Purgendem Sep 20 2012, 4:11pm replied:

I love how if anybody disagrees with somebody on the internet, they are called a troll.

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Velancious Sep 20 2012, 7:58pm replied:

You come in here trying to cause disruption = troll. If you actually want have an intellectual debate about this stupid issue, I could find the time to destroy your arguments.

That is, of course, if you are actually serious.

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mandella644 Author
mandella644 Sep 21 2012, 6:21pm replied:

The fact that you're so much like the character in my article is funny. Too bad we're not playing a first person shooter video game.

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Freezepond Feb 13 2013, 12:10pm replied:


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Shatackoz Sep 20 2012, 2:59pm says:

Yeah i dont know why haters absolutely have to post here. It's so useless :P

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Purgendem Sep 20 2012, 4:13pm replied:

So are bronies.

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Velancious Sep 20 2012, 8:00pm replied:

This is the brony group, are you saying it's useless for any group to like something, because that is what I'm getting from your half-assed insult.

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Poly_G Sep 20 2012, 10:25pm replied:

As much as I try not to stoop to your level I begin to wonder how old you are Purgendem. Just out of pure observational curiosity.

It seems like you're at an age where social approval is more important than personal interest; which is actually VERY dangerous. Your lack of validation in your argument hints at this. It's like you don't really hate bronies because YOU do, but because you have alot of friends that do.

Stop being afraid to have interests that differ from the majority Purgendem. You'll have alot more fun that way... I encourage you to find a hobby, and develop an interest.

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Purgendem Sep 20 2012, 10:44pm replied:

Well I actually was going to stop posting because I do have interests, hobbies, and other things to do. I'm just wondering, where did this come from? I don't remember ever mentioning friends and I honestly do have a strong dislike for bronies because the majority of the ones I have encountered have tried to shove it in my face.

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Poly_G Sep 20 2012, 11:03pm replied:

Oh, sorry... Like I said, it just seems like it. In no way do I assume or believe that's why you have disdain for bronies.

If it helps any, I haven't shoved anything pony-related in someone's face, nor do I know of anyone in this group who has.

This group is actually pretty small(for a brony group), but will remain modest and will remain respectful of others views on the show, characters etc.(thanks to our admin Luna-tic). My hope is that this group never gets out of hand, and if it were typical of any other pony group on the internet, I would have never joined it.

This group however, will remain un-tainted by "ponyfags."

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Velancious Sep 21 2012, 3:44am replied:

Ponyfags come with the territory of popularity, like I explained in the post replying to Purge. There is what we call annoying little kids who run around on the internet. Normally, they may not get noticed for being annoying, but once they found something to obsess over (MLP, Pewdie, etc), they will try to spread it around and make statements like "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BE A FAN!"

If you need a real-life example, here: "Imagine babysitting a kid; he's nice by himself, but when he remembers he loves the Transformers, you will hear no end to his talking about how cool they are and how you should watch it with him."

It's the same situation but on the internet where they don't get noticed for being annoying until they come to 'like' something. Popular things like FiM and Pewdie become 'likes' to be obsessed over.

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Velancious Sep 21 2012, 3:38am replied:

Well, the brony fandom became what you call a 'hype'. Whenever a fandom or group becomes a hype it garners certain 'annoying' people who become even more annoying, trying to shove whatever it is in every corner of the internet.

A more recent example is the 'Bro-Army' for PewdiePie. When PewdiePie's fame exploded across the internet (within a matter of weeks, he got almost 2 million subscribers, that's where he is now), it garnered A TON of these people. Granted, his fandom had many of these 'pewdiefags' before, but they became much more noticeable afterwards.

There has been much speculation as to where these annoying people come from; I just think it comes with the territory of popularity. It isn't always their fault though, regardless the haters are just as responsible a lot of the time for provoking and harassing (Nova's fan club does it back and forth I noticed with Pewdie's bros).

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IRDangermouse Jul 18 2013, 6:27am replied:

^ this obama guy

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Varkplaas Oct 14 2012, 9:59pm says:


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Soulstormfan Nov 27 2012, 3:39pm says: 0 votes     reply to comment
ZomBrony Apr 7 2013, 3:38am says:

I feel really bad because it's taken me time to realize this and now that I have I'm trying to work on it but I fit the description of ponyfag pretty well. :/

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Madman08 May 12 2013, 6:42am says:

yeah i dont understand them, they are disturbing us to suck a ****, whats point to disturb us?

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AntoniO.the.axeman May 12 2013, 6:54am replied:

Good luck

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XxXGamerLunaPlaysXxX Jun 1 2013, 4:02am says:

Actually, it is better not to fight back. You become worse than hate itself if you fight back.


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Sikanto Jul 9 2013, 11:53am says:

I have a friend who's an Anti-Brony, he's cool with me being it because we've been bros for a long time. He's only seen the first two episodes and just didn't like that. But then the kids started popping up on his favorite sites (Youtube, deviantART, fpsbanana, etc.) and starts flipping mad!

I have tried numerous times to explain on how the show bettered my life and how he doesn't have to hate it over some person who just enjoys the show for how it is. Now don't get me wrong, I make fun of myself about liking it here and there but, only to an extent.

He has calmed down a bit after that, but still doesn't really tolerate the show and us. I hope soon he can understand that there are good people in the fandom and not just weirdos that fap to ponies.

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IRDangermouse Jul 18 2013, 6:26am says:


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GordonFreemanTr Oct 8 2013, 10:26am says:


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