Tactical Societ, or TacSoc, is a group for ARMA 2 players, you need not be a seasoned veteren to be a member. I've set this up as a place to upload you scenarios, organise multiplayer games, and anything else you can think of. If you have found other tactical shooters please feel free to mention them, this is a Tactical shooter society, not just an ARMA society. :D

TacSoc got off to a bad start... This July however, We'll be trying again.

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As you may know, a long long time ago, tacsoc launched its first game. Sadly (and quite amusingly), no one joined.
Disheartened, I left the Tactical Society to gather dust. However, with the launch of ARMA 3 Alpha, I feel like trying again.
So this July/August I'm going to give it another shot. The issue that I felt last time was my eagerness to get on with it. This time, I'm going to have 3 or so friends join too, if we don't get anyone else from the desura group or the steam group, we'll upload the game to youtube and try and rally the troops from there with our banter and wit (hopefully).

Keep track of the group either here or on steam if you're interested, at the time of writing the steam group has 21 members, so hopefully with those numbers we can get a few people involved.

Alphon5e (Saliiim)

This is the almighty youtube channel of dooooooooom. I am surprised at how well some of the videos came out.


Thanks for the update. Hopefully we'll get somewhere this summer.

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