Due to personal and work related reasons, the planned machinima based production of Stargate Vengeance, originally developed by [$#!T-Happens] (formerly SGC*gunner15*SGC) has now been canceled.

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Finally our authorisation has been granted and we have stepped through the gate into the Universe of Stargate

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Stargate: Vengeance is a small show that will be made with the "Stargate: Empire at War mod" for "Star Wars: Empire at War"

Hey my name is *SGC*gunner15*SGC*, although just call me Gunner, I am here to lead the Stargate fans of this site to the next Stargate hit that will be released in January next year (despite what the trailer says).

Here is some information about the Pilot:

The Russians obtain a new BC-304 class ship called the Aushev, the Russians start exploring the Pegasus Galaxy for a place suitable for an outpost, then out of nowhere a Ship appears on the Aushev's scanners........

Now lets meet the pulling force behind this show:

Marauder76: Our leading Story Writer
CKYRules: Leading Scene Creator, and Story Writer
ZionandGaz: Story Writer, Editor, and Maybe Recorder
Trogdor!!!!: Editor, and Maybe Recorder
And last but not least
*SGC*gunner15*SGC*: Creator, Leading Editor, Recorder, Writer, and Map Maker

We will be running Polls in the Forum, over the next few weeks to give names to the ships, people and places.

We are Currently looking for help in the following areas:
Scene creating (creating maps for SGEAW)

So if you think you have what it takes to help then just PM me and email me some of your work

REMINDER: Most of the above information is not final.... it is subject to change

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