Due to personal and work related reasons, the planned machinima based production of Stargate Vengeance, originally developed by [$#!T-Happens] (formerly SGC*gunner15*SGC) has now been canceled.

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this is a small update about whats going on behind the scenes!

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this is just an update to remind people who are tracking this (mainly the group members), that the polls to choose the best name for the Aushevs Commander and the name for the outposts planet, are up and that in a day or so we will be running some more naming Threads to choose the names for the leader of the Main team in Vengeance, and the other 3 members of the team (atleast one female)

We have started map production on the first ep, and will hopefully start recording in the next couple of weeks, the script for episode 2 is underway and pics will come as soon as i can get them

i am Happy to announce that Spinobreaker has joined the team and will be bringing his skills with Stargate Empire at War, and also a nice surprise with him... that probably wont be displayed until about 10 episodes in.

well thats it for this update.... keep checking in for new stuff... and please track us so you can keep up to date!
: )

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