From the planet of Korriban we emerged.. surrounded in darkness hate and anger... our time has come. The Galaxy will be ours.

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It is with my extreme pleasure I present to the Sith Empire the first 3rd of the Sith Archives. Any suggestions or corrections can be PMed to me. Feedback is apreciated.

Posted by Ten10dix on Aug 22nd, 2011

The Sith Archives:
The Dark Lords of the Sith:

Ajunta Pall: The First Dark Lord Of the Sith:
Year of Birth: Unknown.
Year of Death: 6,900 BBY
Spirit Death: 3,956 BBY
Race: Human.
Brief Description:
Ajunta Pall was one of the Dark Jedi to fight the Jedi Order in the Hundred Year Darkness. He was exiled from the Republic and arrived on Korriban along with two other fallen Jedi (Karnass Muur and XoXaan) and impressed the Sith species on the planet with his Force powers, which lead to him being being made Dark Lord and founded a Sith Empire.

Darth Andeddu: Immortal God King of Prakith.

Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: Unknown (Thousands of Years before 137 ABY)
Spirit Death: 137 ABY
Race: Unknown (Humanoid Male, possibly a human)
Brief Description:
Darth Andeddu was the first Sith to have "Darth" as his title. He was betrayed by his followers and forced to flee to Prakith untill he died. Before dieing, he put all of his knowledge on a holocron. This holocron was discovered many times, first by Darth Bane on Prakith, then again by Darth Tyranus on Korriban and finnaly by Darth Krayt. He was ressurected in 137 ABY by Darth Wyylrlok III accidently and dueled Darth Andeddu. This duel ended with the death of Darth Andeddu.

Tulak Hord: Greatest of the Ancient Lightsaber Masters

Year of Birth: Unknown.
Year of Death: Unknown.
Spirit Death: N/A
Race: Human?
Brief Description:
Not much is known about Tulak Hord. He is said to be one of the greatest lightsaber masters in the known galaxy. We can be sure he lived inbetween the year 6,900 BBY and 5,300 BBY, but other than that not much is known about how or when he lived. We also know he had a Dashade servent named Khem Val who followed him to many battles and survived his Master`s downfall.

Marka Ragnos: The Greatest Dark Lord of the Sith of his Age.

Year of Birth: Long before 5,100 BBY
Year of Death: 5,000 BBY
Spirit Death: 14 ABY
Race: Sith/Sith-Human hybrid
Brief Description:
Ragnos lived for over 100 years, growing in power and making his adverseries in the Sith fight each other to make sure no one would take his throne. He died shortly after the Great HyperSpace War but lived on as a Force Ghost trapped in his tomb on Korriban in the Valley of the Dark Lords. A thousand years after his Death he was summonded by Exar Kun. Ragnos crowned Exar as Dark Lord of the Sith. Then in 14 ABY a Sith called Tavion Axmis tried to ressurect Ragnos using a scepter named "The Sceptor of Ragnos" which could suck the Force out of an area and store it in the Sceptor. She was stopped by a Jedi named Jaden Korr who then sealed the Tomb.

Naga Sadow: Thirsty for Power
Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: N/A
Spirit Death: 4,400 BBY, 3,756 BBY
Race: Sith/Sith-Human Hybrid
Brief Description:
After the death of Marka Ragnos, Sadow and Ludo Kressh fought for the mantle of Dark Lord but were interrupted by 2 space travellers. Naga saw this as an opertunity to take the throne and faked an attack on the Sith Empire by the Republic. Many agreed and Naga became Dark Lord but Kressh saw through the lies and attacked Naga at his fortress. Naga forsaw the attack and took precautions agaisnt it by making a trap. Kressh`s forces were defeated and Naga was the Dark Lord. He launched attack after attack on the Republic untill his Aprentice (one of the space travellers) betrayed him and fired on Naga`s meditation sphere. Naga fled back to Sith space and killed Kressh. But the Republic had followed him and he exiled himself and his Massassi to Yavin 4. 600 years later a fallen jedi named Freedon Nadd learnt all he could from Naga and killed his spirit.

Ludo Kressh: Naga`s Competitor:

Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: 5,000 BBY
Spirit Death: N/A
Race: Sith Hybrid
Brief Description:
After Marka Ragnos`s Death, Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow fought for the title of Dark Lord when they were interrupted by space traverllers. Naga used them to fake an attack on the Sith Empire by the Republic but Kressh realised it wasn`t true and gathered his followers. He then procceded to Sadow`s fortress. He then realised it was all a trap and was defeated by Sadow`s forces. Naga Sadow was now Dark Lord and attacked the Republic. When he was defeated he returned and killed Ludo.

Freedon Nadd: King of Onderon:
Year of Birth: 4,400 BBY
Year of Death: 4,350 BBY
Spirit Death: 3,997 BBY
Race: Human (Male)
Brief Description:
Freedon Nadd was a Jedi but wanted more power. After he killed his Jedi Master he went into the heart of old Sith Space and found a wealth of infomation on the Sith. He went to Yavin 4 and learnt all he could under Naga Sadow and killed his spirit. He then went to Onderon and became King until he died. Then Jedi came to the planet to stop the Beast Wars and Freedon taught some of the Jedi the ways of the Dark Side. Then he again taught the Dark ways to Exar Kun and directed him to Korriban. He was then betrayed by Exar and died again (as a spirit).

Exar Kun: Enemy of the Republic:Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: 3,996 BBY
Spirit Death: 11 ABY
Race: Human (Male)
Brief Description:
Exar Kun was trained in the ways of the Jedi before he became a Sith. Once his training was complete he left his Master and went in search of Sith artifacts. He eventualy discovered the tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, and in doing so awakened his spirit. Kun trained in the ways of the Sith under Nadd, and when he learnt everything he could from the spirit he destroyed it and left to conquer the Galaxy. Joining with Ulic Qul-Droma and with the blessing of Marka Ragnos, Exar Kun waged war with the Republic and the Jedi and formed the Brotherhood of the Sith. After being betrayed by Ulic, Exar fled to Yavin 4 and tried to evade capture by seperating his spirit from his body. The Jedi then destroyed the landscape of Yavin 4 using the Wall of Light. In 11 ABY Exar Kun tried to take over the accademy on Yavin 4 but was beaten back and destroyed.

Darth Revan: The Revanchist:
Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: Unknown
Spirit Death: Unknown
Race: Human (Male)
Brief Description:
Revan was a respected Jedi Knight who was trained by Jedi Master Kreia among other Jedi Masters. During the Mandolorian Wars he ammased an army of Jedi to fight alongside the Republic known as the Revanchists. After the War ended, he and the Jedi and Republic forces under his control ventured into the Unknown Regions and finnaly met the Sith Emporer on Dromund Kaas. There both Revan and Malak turned to the Dark Side. Revan then went out in search for the Star Forge as ordered by the Emporer. But when Revan found the Star Forge he used it for his own purpose. He then went out and attacked the Republic in an attempt to unite the Galaxy agaisnt the True Sith in the Unknown Regions. Betrayed by Malak in a battle in Space he was captured by the Jedi after being saved by Bastilla which created a Force Bond between them both. That was the last known appearance of Darth Revan. The Jedi Revan, saviour of the Republic, defeated Malak and the Sith and went out to the Unknown Regions never to be heard of again.

Darth Malak: Darth Vader Wannabe (couldn`t think of a better title lol)
Year of Birth: Unknown
Year of Death: 3,956 BBY
Spirit Death: N/A
Race: Human (Male)
Brief Description:
Malak first trained as a Jedi and was a friend of Revan. When Revan decided to go agaisnt the Mandolorians he joined his friend and also followed him into the Unknown Regions after the Wars end. Turning to the Dark Side like Revan, and helping Revan find the Star Forge, he became a feared Sith, and a foolish one. He ordered the devastation of Telos 4 and later Taris. He betrayed his Master by destroying the ship he was on. He then took the mantle of Dark Lord and went on a rampage of destruction. When he learnt that Revan was alive he went in search for him and revealed Revans true identity to him (at the time Revan had been "brainwashed" by the Jedi). Malak finnaly met his end on the Star Forge, killed by Revan.

The Sith Triumvirate: Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nilhius:
Year of Birth:
Darth Traya: 4,001 BBY
Darth Sion: Unknown
Darth Nilhius: Unknown
Year of Death: 3,951 BBY (all of them)
Race: All of them Human. Darth Traya is female, Sion and Nilhius are male.
Brief Description:
The Sith Triumvirate is composed of 3 Sith Lords working at the same time: Lord of Betrayel (Traya), Lord of Hunger (Nilhius) and Lord of Pain (Sion). They lead the remains of Revans Empire agaisnt the few Jedi that remained. To put a long story short: Nilhius was a wound in the Forcd, he consumed planets to keep himself alive and cared for nothing else. Sion was gathering forces and striking with his Assassins and Kreia tried to destroy the Force completly. They were all killed by the Exile.

The Archives are currently 1/3rd complete. Any help is apreciated. I shall update them as soon as I can, but I need help on which Dark Lords to do in the next third. Go to this link and chose which Dark Lords are important and which ones are not. It would save me alot of reading.

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Darth^Xerstorung Creator
Darth^Xerstorung Aug 22 2011 says:

Fantastic work! A must read for every Sith unfamiliar with this history. Very concise and well laid out.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Aug 22 2011 replied:

The finished version shall contain all important Dark Lords, images and breif descriptions of important Sith wars.

+3 votes   reply to comment
KamikazeSniper Aug 22 2011 replied:

Are you going to work on the aesthetics of the article? It looks out of place compared to the other Sith Articles here. Just a thought. And will you be including Adas? He was the first ruler of the Sith, after all. Also, i would like to help, but I am not a Dark Lord, and I have yet to complete my training. May I still assist?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Aug 23 2011 replied:

This is a "beta" version. Therefore it shall look a bit "sloppy" for now. Adas isn`t a Dark Lord, Ajunta Pall was the first Dark Lord. Help is apreciated, PM me what you want to do.

+3 votes   reply to comment
moxbestro Aug 23 2011 says:

now i'm trying to do a list with all the sith (sith'ari,emeperor,masters,aprentice,acolyte) that lived and died!it is called "the Sith Lords"!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Johnyboy1{S1TH} Aug 23 2011 says:

If anyone gets the up coming novel "revan" it will reveal if he dies or not.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Fenris58 Aug 23 2011 says:

Revan did die you see his tomb guarded by HK-47 in Swtor. It's unknown what happened to the exile though she most likely was killed to. Darth Sion one dark lord that I know some about besides Darth Traya fought in Exar Kuns war. I don't know which side he was on but i believe it was sith.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Johnyboy1{S1TH} Aug 23 2011 replied:

well it will reveal how he died. I hope Bastila lived.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Aug 23 2011 replied:

Why do they have to spoil the mystery like that? I don`t wanna know how Revan died, I want it to be a mystery like his whole life was. Thats why he was my favourite Sith Lord, he was a complete msytery.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Darth-Chaching Creator
Darth-Chaching Aug 23 2011 replied:

agreed ten10dix, also very nice work on the article

+3 votes   reply to comment
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