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These are the Rules and Regulations of the Sith Empire.

Posted by macIomhair2 on Apr 3rd, 2011

Rules and Regulations of the Sith Empire

Article I. Goal of the Sith Empire

Section 1.01 The Sith Empire

(a) The objective of the Sith Empire is the annihilation of the Jedi Order.
(b) Under the guidance of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Sith Empire Council, the Sith Empire will be brought to be the supreme power in the galaxy.

Article II. Diplomatic Relationships of the Sith Empire

Section 2.01 Enemies

(i) The Jedi Order is the first and primary enemy of the Sith Empire
(ii) The allied of the Jedi Order are hereby considered enemies of the Sith Empire as
aiding and abetting the continuance of the Jedi Order.

Section 2.02 Neutral Parties

(i) The Sith Empire recognises the rights of a party to be Neutral party our conflict
with the Jedi Order and her allies
(ii) In the event that a neutral party interferes with the operations of the Sith Empire
it may be necessary to consider them a hostile party.
(iii) In the event that it is found that a previously neutral party has aided and or
abetted the Jedi Order and her allies the Sith Empire will declare war.

Section 2.03 Allies

(i) To be considered an ally of the Sith Empire, the party in question must satisfy the
following conditions:
1) They must be an enemy of the Jedi Order
2) They can be neutral with allies of the Jedi Order but cannot be allies.
3) Various other conditions as set by the Sith Empire Council

Article III. The Sith Council

Section 3.01 Decisions of the Sith Council

(a) Ruling of the Sith Council
(i) The ruling of the Sith Council is final.
(ii) Discussions amongst council members are to be held in private and may not be
discussed openly out of session.

Section 3.02 Places on the Sith Empire Council

(a) Sitting on the Sith Empire Council
(i) Only a Sith Lord may sit on the council.
(ii) To sit on the Council, the member must not be a member of the Jedi Order or her
(iii) A member of the council must not be neutral as it is in breach of Article 1, section

(b) Ascension to the Sith Empire Council
(i) To be promoted and gain a seat on the Sith Empire Council, a ballot must be held
amongst current members of the council through secret ballot.
(ii) To be considered as a potential member of the Council the applicant must not be
allied with the Jedi Order and her allies or neutral.

(c) Removal from the Sith Empire Council
(i) Should it come to light that the rules of the Sith Empire have been broken
intentionally and without the authorisation of the Dark Lord of the Sith, the
violating member shall be expelled from the council and banished from returning.

Section 3.03 Motions and Voting in the Sith Empire

(a) Proposing a motion for the Sith Empire Council.
(i) To propose a motion for the Sith Empire to vote upon, the Dark Lord of the Sith
must be informed of the motion for debate. The Dark Lord of the Sith will then call
a vote with the motion, describing the reason for the vote and call for a ‘yay’ or
‘nay’ vote.

(b) Voting on a proposed motion

(i) The members may discuss the motion but only amongst other council members.
And all voting and discussions take place within the privacy of the council
chambers (Private message).
(ii) The Voting will take place and a decision must be reached within 1 week of
starting the vote.
(iii) The Dark Lord of the Sith will cast their vote last and in the case of a tie a re-vote
will be called.
(iv) In the event there is a tie for a second time, the motion will be considered void and
no further re-votes can be called for a period of 30 days.
(v) No action can be take to implement the motion in question until after the vote of
the Sith Empire Council.


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Ori`verda Apr 4 2011 says:

LOL our dha alor is in violation of section 3.02 ii XD

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Urban_Chaos_99 Apr 4 2011 replied:

i am the dark lord of the sith and i joined for a reason and that reason will be answered soon XD

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Executor-64- Apr 5 2011 says:

wow that's some strict sh*t
i thought this was about having fun :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Urban_Chaos_99 Apr 7 2011 replied:

oh it is fun but were would the fun be without rules XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ori`verda Apr 5 2011 says:

There is a difference between outcast Jetiise and the Darjetii.

+1 vote     reply to comment
~Avenger~ Jun 9 2011 says:

Ill be sure to breks every one :)

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